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Tableau’s Integration for advanced analytics

News from Tableau.

We launched Tableau 10.2 today and wanted to let you know some of the highlights.

  • Python Integration. We are adding python integration that enables advanced users and data scientists to call on python scripts from within the Tableau calculation window. Customers can use this functionality to develop advanced-analytics applications, and visualize their predictive models from Python in Tableau.
  • Spatial File Connector. Tableau now connects directly to ESRI Shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON and MapInfo file types. Enabling customers to leverage their spatial data directly in Tableau for easy geospatial analysis. One customer is excited to use this for shape files generated from a customer clustering study, along with census data.
  • 60+ Data Connectors. With 10.2, we now have over 60+ native data connectors. Latest connectors include: Anaplan, Eloqua, Apache Drill, Microsoft SharePoint, JSON and Marketo. Many of these connectors were requested directly by customers.
  • Read the full press release here.

In 2017, we are also investing in key verticals and with IT to make sure that more of our customers are successful using Tableau at the enterprise level.

  • Focus on IT/Enterprise. Our most successful enterprise deployments, at companies like Boston ScientificDeloitteAmeriPride and VMware, are ones with a strong partnership between IT and the business. We are investing in more resources to better equip IT to successfully evaluate and deploy analytics. With a solutions page designed for IT. https://www.tableau.com/enterprise-IT
  • Healthcare industry. More and more customers are using Tableau to drive decisions with healthcare analytics, including Seattle Children’sStamford HospitalPiedmont Healthcare, and UMHS. With growing customer numbers and larger deployments in the healthcare industry, we’ve built a sales team focused specifically on enabling healthcare customers. We also have a healthcare-specific user groupsolutions page and are publishing best practices to guide our customers.
  • Retail & Consumer Goods. We recently announced that 73% of the NRF Top 100 retailers use Tableau. We are seeing success with large deployments at companies like RedfinGoPro, and PepsiCo. We’re also adding best practices research, and new ways of exploring retail data.

And for fun, here’s a picture of how our partner Strata used Tableau APIs to extend Oculus VR with Tableau at NRF. Basically, you could pick up a can of soda, or a box of cereal and see a Tableau dashboard on the Oculus headset.


oculus 2.jpg