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State of Data Science and Machine Learning: Kaggle 2022 Survey

  • ajitjaokar 
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In September, Kaggle released its annual survey for the state of data science and machine learning.

Here are my thoughts on these:

  • India has been steadily rising in the data science rankings – especially in the number of Kaggle grandmasters coming from India.
  • The popularity of Python and SQL is not surprising  
  • VSCode continues to gain traction reflecting Microsoft’s ability to create great tools
  • Colab also continues to gain traction reflecting a general move to web-based architectures 
  • Pytorch grows year on end, but I still do not see a compelling reason for TensorFlow developers to switch to Pytorch 
  • Transformers for images are interesting (as opposed to text). I think it’s an early-stage application that will gain a lot more traction next year
  • All cloud platforms are showing steady growth but may not in the future, considering the general downtrend 

In one sense, the results are not surprising. Data science is a glorified profession, but the actual work is often very mundane. A recent Reddit thread shows that 

XGBoost and Linear/Logistic regression are all you need… in practice in most cases

source: kaggle