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Social Media as the Most Popular Method of Brand Promotion

  • YuriFilatov 


According to a survey of more than 3,500 customers by Salesforce, social media is the most popular way to promote a brand. Previously, Salesforce released a report on current marketing trends based on data from 7,000 companies. The report shows that even before the coronavirus outbreak, customer expectations and requirements began to change. Therefore, the company has to consider changes in marketing strategies.

Here are three key theses from the State of Marketing 2020 report:

  1. The convertibility of marketing strategy is the primary task of an enterprise. The fact that customer expectations and behaviors are constantly changing puts permanent pressure on marketing professionals. Nowadays, it is not enough to just follow the trend and change marketing strategies; people need to make them flexible and be prepared for subsequent changes.
  2. Customer data allows for more personalized marketing. In the so-called “new normal” reality, personalized approaches to customers are more relevant than ever. Offers that meet the wishes and needs of customers are more attractive to them. In this regard, the popularity of AI and ML is growing.
  3. Marketing provides an opportunity to double profits. During the time when the company is recovering from the crisis, the company that is the first to understand the changes in customer needs may expand several times in a short period of time. In the B2B field, account-based marketing (ABM) will play an important role.

Twice a month, Salesforce Research conducts a survey that shows the change in customer sentiment during the coronavirus pandemic. The key conclusions that can be drawn from the survey results are the following:

  • Social media is the most popular and convenient channel for users in various regions to obtain information.
  • TV still ranks second in the list of information and advertising channels, but its popularity has declined significantly year by year.
  • Digital guidelines are strongly demanded by users, which allows brands to use these guidelines as advertising channels.
  • Personalized offers can motivate people to buy more than regular discounts.
  • Millennials respond most strongly to personalized offers.
  • The centennial generation is least interested in personalized offers. This may be because they understand how the algorithm works and want their personal data to be protected.
  • Users want diversified content, but at the same time, they are not ready to perceive a lot of information-this adds to the appeal of hyper-personalization.
  • Although they like discounts, most users believe that companies should give up discounts during a crisis, provided that this is the only way to keep their jobs.
  • The fact that users expect weekend discounts indicates that customer sentiment is returning to normal.

Social media is the preferable way to promote a brand

65% of users are interested in social media. It is the most effective marketing tool in modern times. Although 21% of users showed an active interest in TV and video content, which puts the channel in second place, 60% of respondents are generally interested in digital guides, compared to 58% for TV . Users turn to guides out of need, and the fact that TV and video are classified as entertainment plays an important role here.

54% of users learn about new brands and new products through social media; 53% of users-through email and TV. This data varies by region. For example, television is still the most popular advertising channel in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The majority of businesses today have multiple social media profiles and accounts for a variety of products and locations. So you may have to be very careful to create logos that can rest in memories forever. Messages differ between locations when a brand operates in more than one. Language and logo representation, however, still maintain brand cohesion.

Among the best examples is Adidas. Most Instagram accounts feature the company’s logo as the profile picture and similar Instagram bios, despite posting different content depending on the country. The official accounts can be distinguished from those with similar usernames this way.

Values and preferences are changing

Most users (74%) believe that the company should change their methods and quotations based on the new conditions. The pandemic has changed priorities, and product parameters such as safety and usability are now more important to users. In addition, given that millions of employees were fired during the lockdown, keeping their jobs had a great impact on the company’s image.

Today, users are more united than ever. Most consumers are willing to forego discounts and special offers if this allows their compatriots to keep their jobs. People support a socially conscious brand and are looking for ways to cut costs instead of laying off employees. After all, there are many more ways to optimize business processes, including the use of Salesforce tools.