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So You Think You Can Be A Data Scientist?

So, you think you can be a data scientist. But, are you sure you have it what it takes to excel in the data science field? Be careful. It’s a very complicated field, and getting competitive day by day. In this post, we will go through what the industry demands of a modern data scientist in the real worldhow to become a data scientisttop platforms and resources to learn the data science skills, and career advice & job search tips from data science experts.


Data Scientist: One of the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2019

The data scientist job is definitely one of the most lucrative and hyped job roles out there. More and more businesses are becoming data-driven, the world is increasingly becoming more connected and looks like every business will need a data science practice. So, the demand for data scientists is huge. Even better, everyone acknowledges the shortfall of talent in the industry.

But, becoming a data scientist is extremely complicated and competitive. The career path of a data scientist is not going to be easy. It needs a mix of problem-solving, structured thinking, coding, and various technical skills among others to be truly successful.

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