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S2, A next generation data science toolbox


We have created a language that is faster than python in every way, works with the entire Java ecosystem (such as the Spring framework, Eclipse and many more) and can be deployed into embedded devices seamlessly, allowing you to collect and process data from pretty much any device you want even without internet.

Our language comes built-in with mathematical libraries necessary for any data scientist, from basic math like Linear Algebra and Statistics to Digital Signal Processing and Time Series Analysis.


These algorithms have been developed by a team of Computer Science and Mathematics PhD€™s from scratch over the course of a decade, and they are faster than Apache and R. Using our Linear Algebra library as a benchmark, we are 180 times faster than Apache and 14 times faster than R. (suanshu-3.3.0 is the old version of our language, NM Dev)


Our code can be prototyped and scaled for mass production in a single step, without the need for translation to different languages. With this feature, the time taken for you to actualise your ideas is significantly reduced and the need to go through the frustration of doing menial translation work is removed.

We can do this because our algorithms are written in Java and Kotlin, both of which are compatible with any environment that runs on a Java Virtual Machine unlike R or MATLAB which only work within their respective programming environments. This is our user interface, running on Jupyter notebook.



Overall, our language is faster than any specialised math software/scripting language and can be integrated seamlessly into most of the existing hardware and software available.

Our platform, S2, also comes with a GUI that allows easy visualisation of data (both 2D and 3D plotting) for teaching as well as analysing data.


If you are interested, check out our website here, we provide free trials!