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Robust Artificial Intelligence of Document Attestation to Ensure Identity Theft

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It€™s no riddle that identity fraud has become one of the greatest challenges for online corporations. As stated by the report on identity scams, there were 15.4 million innocents of crimes associated with identity scams and theft in 2020 only. Therefore, as online payments rise due to the COVID-19, the number of malicious activities and data breaches and the occurrences of cyber attacks are also rising.

Therefore, online identification document scanning solutions are becoming rising prevalent and common. Included with automated advancements, document attestation makes sure user verification adopts government-approved identity documents. AI identity documents attestation makes it possible to accurately process, validate and prove the identities. Listed below are how artificial intelligence document attestation assists secure companies against identity scams.

How Artificial Intelligence employs document attestation to combat scams?

Several of us have encountered this moment either during an account opening or conducting any payment, where an individual is acquired to submit government-authorized identity documents. The validation officer proves the details on the document and correlates the picture on an identity document against the facial scans of the customer to assure that the person is not a criminal attempting to attract a prompt one. 

Nowadays artificial intelligence is playing a similar role as that of the authentication officer, using the method that facilitates identity document verification remotely within digital document attestation. This technique enables companies to conduct installments remotely by validating that the person on the other end of the fee is who they profess to be.

As identity thieves are growing to become more intelligent it is vital to remain because there are so numerous methods to generate false reports and enable someone to maintain the identification of another person. However, technology assists in identifying and reducing frauds.

Listed below are few classes of document scam that identities thieves adopt to fake the identity:
Illicit documents

Illicit documents are entirely fake reports. They lack the features of initial documents such as rainbow documents, iris prints, and another standard on the legitimate identity documents. 

Fake documents

Fake documents aren€™t tampered with or manipulated records but they have truly withdrawn reports that identity thieves use to deceive the document attestation. 

Altered Documents 

These documents are original but altered to trick the verification system. The fraudsters use technology to create false documents that look so much like the original ones that the human eye is unable to capture them. This is why Artificial Intelligence powered solutions are used as AI can detect minor things if it is trained on various types of documents. Machine learning trains the AI with fake or tampered documents as well as the original ones to ensure that it catches the invalid documents accurately.

Document Validation and the role of AI 

AI-enabled documents check to ensure the validity of the document while ensuring the identity of the document holder. Here are some of the document checks listed below.

Checking the Authenticity 

The training models ensure that the document submitted is genuine and can be verified.

Format Authentication 

The AI is trained with the different formats of the ID documents. The AI extracts the format from the ID document and ensures its authenticity. 

MRZ Code Authentication 

The ID documents include MRZ or a machine-readable zone that encrypts the information. AI can extract the MRZ code and identify information within it. This information is analyzed against the provided document to ensure the legitimacy of the ID document. MRZ codes are harder to alter and this is why they allow document verification as only legit documents will have the same information embedded in the MRZ code.  

Folded edges Detected 

Documents can be folded or crumpled and it is harder to identify the information on them. However, AI can also be trained on such documents so it can scan the information and ensure its authenticity.  

Forged Documents

Some documents are altered or forged and AI is capable of capturing any such documents. If there is even a minor change in the tiny part of it, the AI will detect it and call the document invalid. The human eye can skip these types of documents but the watchful eye of the AI cannot be fooled easily.


Government-issued ID documents that include holograms or stamps. AI is also trained on such documents to ensure that no alteration has been made on such documents.

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