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Reasons to choose flutter for app development


Flutter is a cross-platform technology developed by Google, that allows creating application programs for mobile, desktop, and web use. It uses the Dart programming language, which is based on the notorious Java. If you know Java/C#, assume you can program with Dart. The technology keeps up with the latest developments and is used by developers around the world. Most importantly, it is open-source and completely free.


Reasons to choose Flutter

Low-cost app development

An ideal cross-platform should meet two requirements: provide a high-quality user experience (smooth animations, native UI elements without slowing down), and be cost-friendly from the development perspective.

The advantage of Flutter is not only in making one application instead of two. With this framework, you will also have fewer problems when adapting your app to each of the platforms. Most frameworks can cope, but that€™s only if to consider them in the context of simple applications. The real problems begin when an application becomes €œovergrown€ with functions and inevitably gets complicated (it is about most products during the development stage).

Similar to native app performance

While a Flutter app is built directly into the machine code, that will exclude any performance bugs during interpretation. A Flutter application will be ultimately indistinguishable from the native app, since it doesn€™t rely on any intermediate code representations or interpretation, in contrast to most other cross-platform frameworks

Own rendering engine

Flutter promises absolute freedom in creating a user interface regardless of the platform. This is achieved by the fact that the framework uses its own rendering engine to draw widgets.

Simple logic implementation

Flutter provides advanced OS features like GPS coordinates, sensor data collection, permission handling, Bluetooth, credentials, and other features in ready-to-use plugins that are supported by Google. 

If your app is reliant on an OS-level feature not available as a plugin, Flutter can establish communication between its Dart programming language and the native code using platform channels.

Amazing design

Two powerful things were originally laid in the foundation of Flutter: an excellent programming language (Dart) and a fast, high-performance rendering engine (Skia). Such a choice was a well-thought-out solution that saves users from further long searches.

Customizable kit of widgets

Widgets are the basic blocks used to build a user interface of a Flutter application. Its layering makes it easy to create applications of any complexity. You can use ready-made widgets from Material-UI or implement specific components based on basic widgets. With Flutter, it is also possible to flexibly work with animation and gesture processing. Thus, you can combine rapid work with high-level widgets and still have the ability to add/redefine deeper layers.

Apps made using Flutter?

1. Google Ads

This is a mobile application that allows you to manage Google ad campaigns directly from your smartphone. It€™s a condensed version of a desktop platform for you to track ad output from any location €“ you€™re not restricted to your workplace.

The app includes campaign statistics, the ability to update bids and budgets in real-time, live alerts, keyword editing, and the ability to contact a Google expert. It€™s both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Lunching

Launching is a smartphone app that makes it easy to order delivery food. It is one of the successful food delivery apps made with flutter that experiments with the new architecture. One person inside the organization can create an order using the app. Bulk payments can be made or paid users can also make payments in smaller instalments.

3. Watermaniac

Watermaniac is a lightweight water monitoring application made possible by Flutter framework. It assists consumers in keeping an eye on their frequent water use. Users may create recurring targets, track their usage history, and get necessary reminders for their next consumption.

4. Cryptograph

This Flutter app provides top-notch results in monitoring and tracking the latest updates on over 1600 global cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. The Cryptograph smartphone app, operated by Flutter, provides real-time information in the form of exchange rate maps, enabling users to monitor the market movement history of their desired cryptocurrency.


Flutter app development company enables companies to get versatile solutions while resolving many common issues. Start-ups and SMEs can also tap into opportunities with customized and feature-rich apps that can easily run-on iPhone and Android devices.

On one hand, small companies count on Flutter development for saving big on development time and cost, and on the other hand, large companies prefer Flutter because it can enable them to get rid of a decentralized team of developers. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Flutter can be considered as a future of mobile app development.




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