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Randomised algorithms


Randomised algorithms are built on statistical features played by random numbers.

Quicksort is a good example to illustrate this algorithm. For instance, in a class of taller students would naturally go at the back and smaller people in size at the front. That is the idea of quick sort. In this case we call it quick because a student can easily realise where his position shall be according to his height. Although it is quick it is not known as the fastest.

Now if we were to take numbers and emphasize on their nature and position, we will analyse if one number is in a sorted position. It means that all elements form the left for instance are numerically inferior and all the elements on the right are higher in value.

Quicksort follow divide and conquer strategy, meaning that the problem will be sorted into subproblems for quicker and a more feasible access to solutions.

In an event we have a list of number to quickly sort, we will find the pivot or the median and range all numbers from left to pivot in a ascending order and all numbers before the maximum or the infinity sign ordered in a descending number.

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