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R Package Install Troubleshooting

This article was written by Laura Ellis.


One of the reasons why I love R is that I feel like I’m constantly finding out about cool new packages through an ever-growing community of users and teachers. 

To understand the current state of R packages on CRAN, I ran some code provided by Gergely Daróczi on Github .  As of today there have been almost 14,000 R packages published on CRAN and the rate of publishing appears to be growing at an almost exponential trend.  Additionally, there are even more packages available on sources like Github, Bioconductor, Bitbucket and more. 

Last week, I was heading out on  a trip.  I excitedly planned my air time to do some fun new R tutorials.  The night before the flight I attempted to install all required packages or files so that I wasn’t struggling with slow plane wifi.  Unfortunately the following packages kept giving me install issues: quanteda, magrittr and emo. As per usual, I executed the install.packages() command to install the packages.



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