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QC Paulinesia, !(yet another book about quantum computing)

Today I uploaded to github the first version of my book “QC Paulinesia” about Quantum Computing. The title is a play on the surname of the famous quantum scientist Wolfgang Pauli and the word “Polynesia”. The book is based on a paper with the same name that I wrote in 2004. 

Here is  its github repo. Here is the pdf for the book. Let me quote the current Foreword.

Welcome to QC Paulinesia!

This book started its life as Ref.\cite{origin}, a 53 page pedagogical paper that I published at arXiv in 2004. On June 2020, I decided to reformat it as a book and upload it to github. I will try to improve it and enlarge it in the future.

This book is not intended to cover all of quantum computing. In particular, the 2 famous, seminal algorithms by Shor and Grover, are not covered. Neither is Quantum AI. Neither are matters related to qc hardware. So far, this is just an introduction to quantum gate maths from an uncommon perspective.

Thanks for reading this.
Robert R. Tucci

I wrote a previous blog post, long long ago (11 years ago), about what motivated me to write the 2004 paper entitled “QC Paulinesia”.

Aerial Views of Bora Bora, part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, 230 miles from Tahiti.


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