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Advanced MD Telemedicine Apps Become Mainstream

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Advanced MD Telemedicine Apps Become Mainstream

There have been times in each individual€™s life where they have to rush to an ER due to some bad health issue that they have been putting in the back seat for way too long. And by looking at the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the traditional visits to your family doctor have been transformed into a battle zone for doctors and nurses assisting patients suffering from the virus.

Amidst these dreadful times, healthcare facilities are avoiding providing basic check-up routines to the patients. The main reason for such a huge step is to limit the contact of healthy people with the ones who are being treated for coronavirus. The most favorable technology in the healthcare sector is Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is one of the most popular and convenient factors that has been helping the healthcare industry in every possible manner. By crafting an advancedmd telemedicine app, we can easily have the potential to mitigate all the several challenges in accordance with the healthcare facilities. The upsurge in the telemedicine market was there already even before the pandemic hit our lives. As per the statistics, the global telemedicine market has a value of USD 27.04 billion in 2019, but now it is expected to reach USD 171.81 billion by the year 2026 having a CAGR of 37.2%.

The data may come out a bit surprising but it is only there because of the convenience that telemedicine app development services bring to both the patients and service providers accomodating in different regions. It also helps to eliminate the costs of traveling to the medical center.

As we are familiar with the whole data and how telemedicine services are still ruling the solution for healthcare industry, let us know where exactly it began from and know all the ins and outs of this highly dynamic and enchanting app development service.

The Saga Of AdvancedMD Telemedicine App 

Many moons ago, a radio news magazine printed an illustration of the doctor attending a patient through a video call, with the headline €œThe Radio Doctor- Maybe!€. In 1924, this just was the editor€™s glimpse into the upcoming future of telemedicine, and no one realized this illustration will come alive. The very first example of transferring an electronic medical record took place in Pennsylvania in the year 1940s. The radiology images were being sent 24 miles via a telephone line. Later in the 1950s, a teleradiology system was constructed in Montreal, followed by the University of Nebraska in 1959.

There are many areas that cannot afford or have access to a local physician, but with the help of telemedicine technology, it could be possible. This shows that telemedicine is not an innovation of the 21st century, it has been there since the 1900s.

The Evolution€¦.

The AdvancedMD Telemedicine App  became prevailing in rural areas to reach out to every specialist from a certain distance. The telemedicine devices in the current scenario are way too smaller in size and hold the greater potential for next-gen features. Still, the researchers feel that there might be a lot of unexplored areas in the telemedicine industry.

Importance Of Telemedicine Services 

Many of us are still unaware of how telemedicine holds importance in the telehealth industry or is it affordable to build a telemedicine app clone? To get a correct and convenient answer, kindly understand what it is.

As mentioned above it is a medium to exchange medical information from one site to another via an electronic platform. It comes in handy to avoid the waiting list and stay safe in the current situation by following the social distancing rule.

Telemedicine is a great platform for health providers to aid people looking for medical help at the time of diagnosis. Now let us look at the reasons why telemedicine services are essential.

Time – Saving 

Telemedicine reduces the need to wait in lines or visit hospitals to meet doctors in person. Video conferencing allows patients to communicate with doctors. It saves time and allows for more efficient servicing.

Secure Health Records 

At times it gets difficult to have accurate and complete access to your previous medical results. By having a telemedicine app clone the users can have seamless access to their health records and allow them to share them with their general physician or friends and family.

Flexible For Health Providers 

We are aware of how hectic it gets for a doctor when he/she has to work 60 hrs a week. Due to which it gets hard for doctors to maintain mental health. As per the survey conducted, there would be a sudden fall of 47,800 to 122,900 physicians because of the tiring working hours. With the help of a telemedicine application, the health providers can easily treat the patients by maintaining a work and life balance in their lives. A doctor can give an emergency consultation from anywhere without being in the hospital itself at a convenient time.

Lessens The Paperwork

Consulting the patients is not the only thing that a health care provider needs to look after, it is followed by a lot of paperwork for all the records and other admin tasks. Some of them also have to stay back late and maintain the work. A reliable telemedicine system will not only help to reduce the paperwork but will also maintain the records efficiently without any human error.

The above-mentioned points clearly state how important it is to adapt and apply the AdvancedMD Telemedicine App  in the telehealth industry. Supporting the points further we will be discussing the next-gen features comprising telemedicine applications.

Features To Consider For A Telemedicine App Clone 

When deploying a telemedicine app clone there are three interconnected panels that one needs to have for smoother functioning – Doctor app, Patients app, and a super admin panel. Let us explore the features comprising all three panels.

Patient Panel 

Easy Registration 

A user should be able to register easily on the application and with two-factor authentication for a secure and protected experience.


After registering, the user is supposed to fill up the details that are required for the consultation. The smaller and interactive procedure will be a great deal.


As per their requirement, the user should be able to search for the health care specialists by filtering out the options. Such as nearby area, doctor rating, specified field.

Smoother Bookings 

The users can easily go through the available top-rated doctors and schedule an appointment as per the available time slots.

Eliminating the communication barrier 

For real-time consultations, the user can easily make an audio or video call to the doctors directly. Plus they can also share images for better consultations.

Doctor Panel

Doctor€™s Profile 

The licensed health providers can seamlessly fill out all the specified details regarding their field, experience, education, and many more.


Doctors can easily manage their availability by toggling the online or offline option in the app itself. Plus, they can also cancel or accept the consultations as per their requirement.


There are several ways supporting the interaction between the doctor and the patient via photos or by having an audio or video call. For future research, doctors can also have a group conference call for any sort of referral visits.

Access To Patient€™s Profile 

It becomes difficult for a doctor to remember every patient€™s medical background, therefore with the help of a telemedicine app clone they can have easy access to the patient€™s profile for better consultations.

Super Admin Panel 

Admin and Sub-admin Profile 

To handle the healthcare system is not that an easy task, it requires at least a complete team to control each section. In the super admin panel, one should seamlessly generate different profiles having access to protected data.

Managing Doctor€™s Profile 

The admin can keep track of the doctor€™s profile and can manage it from time to time to avoid any sort of fraudulent practices.

Managing Patient€™s Profile 

Similarly, like a doctor€™s profile, the admin can keep a check on the patient€™s profile without tampering with the protected information. The admin may have access to the medical information or payment history and more.

Data Analytics 

With the help of data insights the admin panel can have control by tracking the in and outs of the telemedicine app clone and can keep it right on track from time to time.

In Conclusion 

There is no doubt in advancedMD telemedicine applications  as they offer not only convenience but a faster mode of getting consultations. Since the 1900s telemedicine has been a positive and expanding medical treatment option. Many studies show that it saves a huge amount of time, money, and lives as well. And with the huge rise in the cost of healthcare and how it is not available in some places, it is important to have an advanced md telemedicine app. It’s difficult to pass up the opportunity to treat patients from the comfort of their own homes, provide essential medical assistance and information, and provide care to underdeveloped areas.