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What is AI: explaining it from different dimensions

This article was written by Swami Chandrasekaran.

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AI is a fascinating area and I personally feel it will not do justice to explain it without looking at it from multiple dimensions. I have provided my point of view on AI in the following dimensions,

  1. Guardrails for AI (starting with, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”)
  2. Core & essential building blocks
  3. Types of data AI systems work on
  4. Primary characteristics of an AI system
  5. Different types of AI (yawn!)
  6. Types of approaches to train / teach AI systems
  7. Top Algorithms
  8. Most common AI workloads/tasks
  9. Common examples of AI systems at work
  10. Dev Ops for AI — how are AI systems built?
  11. Popular Platform, API’s, Libraries & Frameworks
  12. Some of the absolute concepts and topics you need to take time in knowing
  13. What’s next for AI?

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