Jupyter notebook content for my OReilly book, the Python Data Science Handbook.

This repository contains the full listing of IPython notebooks used to create the book, including all text and code. The code was written and tested with Python 3.5, though most (but not all) snippets will work correctly in Python 2.7.

See also the free companion project, A Whirlwind Tour of Python: a fast-paced introduction to the Python language aimed at researchers and scientists.

Table of Contents


1. IPython: Beyond Normal Python

2. Introduction to NumPy

3. Data Manipulation with Pandas

4. Visualization with Matplotlib

5. Machine Learning

Appendix: Figure Code

The book is available, here.

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Comment by alejandro acevedo on March 11, 2019 at 6:00am

Thank you for sharing this info. It is an amazing resource to get your hands dirty with code. I've read many long, theoretical books and this one is good to review those concepts and see examples.

I recommend it to someone who has at least some prior knowledge about Python an ML, not an expert, but an initiated.

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