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Permission marketing as a prerequisite Corona pandemic – compulsion to digitize

Business hand working with cryptocurrency and Ai conputer interface.

The need to digitize or reach customers online has gained momentum due to the current Corona Pandemic. An important cornerstone for digital customer control is the topic of permission management.
Without the customer’s explicit consent to the processing of his data, neither an analysis of customer data nor the sending of personalized advertising is permissible.
In other words: no data-driven marketing without permissions!

On the basis of the advertising consent obtained, the customer can be addressed with an individual communication on all end devices.
The neuralgic point, however, is not only the obtaining but also the storage of these consents. This is because the burden of proof clearly lies with the company.

Another important point is the changing interpretation of the law. Due to judgments or changes in the law, the texts for obtaining permissions must be adapted again and again. These modified new consents must be versioned accordingly. This means that the different consent texts must be tracked in a time-structured manner.

We have been working on this fundamental topic of “permission management” since the beginning of the year. Obtaining advertising consent is a basic prerequisite for all other actions, such as cross-selling and upselling measures.

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