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Operational, real-time edge analytics for developers

  • Alan Morrison 

Interview podcast with Rahul Pradhan, VP of Product and Strategy at Couchbase

Operational, real-time edge analytics for developers
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Operational and analytics systems are coming together with the help of new database management innovations. A recent step from Couchbase’s point of view has been to bring a real-time analytics capability to the operational applications that developers use Couchbase to create. 

With real-time data and analytics together in one operational platform, developers can ensure the data freshness and associated context necessary to address the LLM hallucination problem. 

Couchbase features an edge component so that users at remote sites can work either offline or online. Mobile applications often encounter last-mile constraints, which is how the offline-online synchronization capability becomes essential.

At the edge, inference can run as close as possible to where the data is generated. Users can reduce resource requirements with quantization (constraining the input by limiting it to integers only, for example), ensuring good enough quality for a number of use cases.  Otherwise, Couchbase is designed to provide the same user experience as with the cloud. 

With fresh data, app developers can focus on building these machine learning-related functions into their applications.

Couchbase is a multimodal NoSQL database that began with a native JSON document mode in 2011. It’s built with a high-performance storage engine and distributed caching to serve demanding environments. 

Couchbase blends operational transactional, analytics, machine learning, generative and predictive capabilities in a single platform, delivering in near real-time with submillisecond latency. It includes integrated key-value and SQL interfaces and search and analytics functionality.

Interviewee Rahul Pradhan’s current role is VP of Product and Strategy. He first became interested in distributed computing as a software engineer at Nortel Networks back in the 2000s. He has a considerable infrastructure engineering and product management background, building network and security software at Nortel Networks, then at the storage layer for EMC (later Dell EMC) in file and block storage.

Pradhan joined Couchbase six years ago. His interest on the product side has been in high-performance, real-time, highly personalized cloud use cases.

Hope you enjoy the interview and catching up on what Couchbase has been up to as much as I have.

Podcast interview with Rahul Pradhan, VP of Product and Strategy at Couchbase