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Oil & Gas and IoT: The Trio That Takes the Modern Society to a New Level

The domestic economy gets directly and indirectly impacted by the Oil and Gas Industry. It is pretty much noticeable that the oil and gas prices directly affect the economy as a whole. If the United States is to be picked, oil and gas is crucial to its individuals and businesses. But, this does not cancel out the reality that the rest of the globe requires oil and gas in equal measures to run a productive life and business operations. This is the reason why the Oil and Gas Industry requires thriving.

One cannot deny the fact that oil is the major energy source throughout the world. The combination of oil and gas provide energy for the everyday operations carried out by the households, factories and businesses. They are natural resources and hence renewing them for constant utilization is nothing less than a boon. Any up down in the supply of oil and gas would make the entire world grinding to a halt. There were ‘renewable’ and ‘sustainable’ energy initiatives in the past, but none of them could successfully contribute a noteworthy amount of energy to the world. But, why so? Well, those initiatives were awfully expensive, difficult, or simply unreliable.


Significance of Oil in the modern world 

With time and growing urbanization, the requirement of oil and gas skyrocketed. It eventually became crucial for the Oil and Gas Industry to hold on to stronger grounds for better operations. To keep the modern life going, oil and gas are required at every stage of the way. Oil is required by cars, trucks and airplanes. They mark the modern economies and lifestyle. The by-products from oil refining are used in the production of plastics and chemicals. Additionally, lubricants, waxes, tars and asphalts also fall in the same line. The pesticides and fertilizers that make agriculture a success, are made from oil or oil by products.

Significance of Gas in the modern world 

Gas provides electricity and with electricity, one can wind up several things on a daily basis. Gas is the most important element for cooking, heating water and heating up houses during harsh winters. Several industrial operations, glass and steel foundries, manufacturing industries, aluminum or nickel smelters utilize gas to get their work done. A wide range of industrial products, including plastics, polymers, textiles, paints and dyes are made with the help of gas. As a transportation fuel, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) are utilised.

It is obvious that if oil and gas will not be available, the world will fail to proceed. The transportation and food industry will experience tremendous challenges and everything will pause for a while. Just like any other industry, the Oil and Gas Industry too require support and supervision to perform better. With the tremendous help from technology, this industry has learnt to overcome challenges almost in the blink of an eye.

In this, we have the Internet of Things (IoT). It is an extension of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. With supreme quality sensors, these physical devices collect data from a specific area. This data later helps to formulate competitive business strategies that helps different businesses go survive the market competition. 

The IoT Aid

  • It is crucial for the owner of an oil/gas tanker to monitor and track the tanker. Tracking it is primarily for the security purpose of the driver. The drivers of such activities are exposed to great danger. Oil and gas are both flammable elements. So if the agitation inside the oil tanker will exceed the level of threshold, then the tanker might just burst, thus fatally injuring the driver. With IoT driven solutions, the drivers and owners will get an alert at their phone before the actual occurrence of such scenarios. There are pressure sensors which will detect both the normal, below normal and the above normal pressure of the tankers. Thus, it is crucial to keep an eye on the Oil Transporter Weight Measurement for efficient management of trips, time and effort.
  • Precaution is better than cure. These words are a must to be followed. It is always a good idea to check for the existing and the future possibilities of leaks in the tanker. IoT has efficiently designed leak detection sensors that help the owners as well as the drivers to detect leaks in real time. This way, no time gets wasted and immediate actions could also be taken in case of a leak. Plus, Methane gas is one element that is required to produce several solutions to keep the society healthy. In case, it gets leaked out in the air, it can become fatal. IoT detects Methane leak and sends a real time alert with utmost precision.
  • Few years back from now, it was not even possible for the industry and businesses related to oil and gas to detect leaks in the pipeline. Now, with IoT’s Leak Detection Solution and real-time alert system, criminal activity, malicious attacks or accidental damage could be identified instantly even in remote areas. So, no more business losses and better investment through Remote Area Pipeline Monitoring is the new escape from hindrances created by distances.
  • IoT makes sure to give the utmost security to the Oil and Gas Industry. Thus, it has designed strategies for oil well and oil tanker. Monitoring them will give productive insights about the pressure and temperature of the oil well and oil tanker. In order to avoid fatal accidents, the maximum pressure and temperature threshold should not be crossed. IoT helps this industry to be within safe limits.

Good food and electricity are the two major components of our lives. The Oil and Gas Industry and businesses related to the same focus on improving their operations to serve society better. But, lately there were challenges that bogged down the spirits of this industry. IoT came into the picture and made sure to design resolution to eradicate these challenges for good. Solutions to control oil well pump, offshore rig monitoring, refinery monitoring and remote pipeline tunnel monitoring has restored strength back to this industry. In the current scenario, Oil and Gas companies are investing in IoT. All these are done to ensure safety and security during the extraction and transportation of fuels. Even the top-level decision makers have started realizing the benefit of IoT in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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