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New chapter on (in) Rubin’s Theory of Potential Outcomes

pearl-rubin Judea Pearl (left) and Donald Rubin (right). The 2  fathers of PO. (Photo shot in 2014 and pilfered by me from “The Book of Why”, by Judea Pearl.)

I am happy to announce that today I added 3 new chapters to Bayesuvius (my free, open source book on Bayesian Networks). The titles of the 3 new chapters are

  1. Potential Outcomes
  2. Instrumental Variables
  3. Instrumental  Inequalities and Beyond 

 The chapter on Potential Outcomes (PO) theory is based on the excellent book “Causal Inference: the mixtape“, by Stephen Cunningham. The PO chapter is by far the longest of the 3, and I  found it quite difficult to write. A man of my limited intelligence should not be attempting such difficult and perilous mental feats. He could hurt himself! My presentation of PO theory is unusual in that I use copiously something that I call the imagine operator. The imagine operator has been immortalized (in my house at least) by a robot poet in this soon to be famous mini poem.

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