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Need a Fast, Safe & Flexible App? Go for Cloud Based Mobile Apps

Are you afraid of the security and the safety of the apps? If yes! Then let me tell you that this is a common concern as everyone as everyone is looking for a fast, safe and flexible app as security is the major concern that comes in mind of the startups or entrepreneurs. 

Well, this issue could be resolved if you go for Cloud-based apps as they are capable enough to get your apps updated from time to time. In order to know the efficiency of the Cloud-based apps, let’s have a look at the below-given image which is a kind of survey:


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is known as a system that is fully based on the internet. Before this Cloud system, people used to download programs and applications from software which would be downloaded from servers or computers. 

But with the coming of cloud computing, you can take access of all those things directly from the internet. With the help of cloud servers, it has become possible to host software, platforms, and databases remotely and it has resulted in reducing the memory and computing power of individual computers. As cloud computing makes the users have a direct access to cloud services using credentials from the cloud computing provider. 

Let’s take an example of how this process actually works:

Whenever you update any kind of status on your facebook, here you are making use of cloud computing. Another example: checking status of the bank account is again the use of cloud computing. So, it could be said that this technology is being used in day to day life and more people are making use of it. According to Statista:

The cloud computing market has tripled its revenue for the past three years, posting robust and continuous growth, according to Canalys. In the first quarter of 2016, total market revenue stood at about $8 billion. Within two years, the size of the market doubled, and within three years it reached $24.1 billion in the first quarter of 2019.


What are the benefits of making cloud-based apps?

Efficiency/cost reduction

First and the foremost importance of cloud-based apps is that it is so budget-friendly as there is no need to spend a huge amount on buying and managing the equipment. In fact, there is no need to invest much in hardware, facilities, utilities, or building out a large data center in order to expand your business. Apart from this, there is no need to have a large IT team in order to manage your cloud data center operations as you can get this service directly through your cloud provider’s staff. 

Additionally, the cloud helps in reducing the cost of concern to downtime. This will not take your much time and money in fixing up the errors as downtime is rare in cloud systems. 

Data security

Data security is one of the major concerns of every business as already told in the introduction part. If the data is not secured then it can harm the company’s revenue, brand’s status as well as customer’s trust. 

Cloud storage providers are always active to implement baseline protections for their platforms and the data that is being processed by them like authentication, access control, and encryption. Some more security features are also added to cloud data protection in order to access and securely safe the sensitive information in the cloud. 


Startups and enterprises are having different IT requirements. But with the help of Cloud service, you can scale up and down your IT departments quickly and efficiently according to the business requirements. 

Cloud-based service is one of the best options for fluctuating business demands. Let’s take an example, if gradually your business requirements increase, you can automatically increase your cloud capacity even, there is no need to invest much in physical structure. This level of agility can give businesses using cloud computing a real advantage over competitors.

The in-house operational issues and maintenance can be minimized with the help of this scalability feature. Scalability is one of the greatest advantages of the cloud in the case you are having high-performance resources at your disposal with professional solutions and zero up-front investment.

Provides flexible pay options

With the help of making use of cloud computing, businesses are able to scale up or down according to their needs and budget as these cloud computing programs and applications that are fixed from ERP and CRM to creativity and productivity suites use a subscription-based model. It is also beneficial for eliminating the need for major upfront capital expenditures. 

Promotes collaboration 

The system and procedure of cloud-based software is really amazing that it promotes the ability to work together more easily and efficiently. In other words, it could be said that it promotes collaboration as it helps the staff to share real-time updates, see what other team members are doing and enables them to communicate accordingly. This collaboration among the team members is highly beneficial to speed up projects and improve customer service. 

Work from anywhere

This is one of the major advantages of using cloud computing. As this is all about the internet so it means you can work from anywhere. And as you are having cloud service offering mobile apps, there is no need to focus on which device you’ve gone to hand. 

The result of this is that business becomes more able to offer a flexible working environment to employees so that it becomes easy for them to balance work-life in order to enjoy it to the fullest.  One study reported that 42% of workers would swap a portion of their pay for the ability to telecommute. On average they’d be willing to take a 6% pay cut.

Document control

If a large number of employees work on documents then there is much need for document control. Before the cloud, workers had to send files back and forth as email attachments to be worked on by one user at a time. And as a result, you can see a mess of conflicting file content, formats and titles. 

With the passage of time, the smallest companies are becoming more global and the scope for the complication is rising gradually. According to one study, “73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones and regions at least monthly”.

With the help of making use of cloud computing, everyone can access all files as all the files are stored centrally so everyone is able to see the transparency. Greater transparency points towards improved collaboration which ultimately leads towards a healthier ending. Stop following the old ways of working and take a step to try something more reliable and authentic. 

Final words

So the above-given points are able enough to convince you that you should move towards cloud computing service. Stop following the previous methods of working and start following new methods of working by adopting cloud services. 

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