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Looking To Evolve Your Business Through Software Intelligence?

Looking To Evolve Your Business Through Software Intelligence?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane

Since the dawn of time, man has been using analytical reasoning and procured data to enhance his business. Take the example of the farmer, who plans his crop cycles on assumptions that are based on observations made, or what we may call now as data collected on the basis of the monsoon season and seed quality of the last few years. Thinking about the heat during the summer, the humidity, the procurement of good quality seeds, crop selection, soil quality, and assumptions of the rainfall put thoughts into the head and help them predict the coming period’s harvest. What next? Well what if he could even predict the sales of his harvested crops and the re-investments he can make for seeds and better quality manure, thus growing his business a step further?

Well sadly we aren’t living in a world of simple permutations and combinations anymore. As time went buy, business evolved, data grew qualitatively and quantitatively, and the standards of measuring them have blown off the roof.

It’s time to change the game

Enter business software intelligence. The development of software intelligence was a step up for businesses, but a leap for mankind. The ability to leverage data and analytics, to predict growth and insights on the cost of retention as well as acquisition of new customers, now available on your dashboard. The easy to use interface teamed up with cloud, helps vendors understand their audience, adapt to the changes in the market and cater to a wider base. Software intelligence now made available with Windows 10 readiness lets users gather and analyze mass intelligence, helping one understand what their current state is and how much of work or change is required to climb the ladder.

What if the landscape of business continues to change?

It’s not just your business, Software Intelligence evolves it self with time, taking into account the growing standards. In fact the standards have advanced at a very dangerous rate, with drones or robots being deployed in factories, retail outlets, warehouses, etc. The landscape of the big businesses have changed doe to the accelerated evolution of technology, and man’s ability to leverage it for data driven results. This constant development and upgrade helps generate answers to desired questions with respect to the business and it’s volumes. Take note that this is not a software for show and tell, it is a tool that breaks down data and crunch numbers for high volumes provided the user has the right questions with regard to his audience in mind. In the scenario where the volumes are low, such a tool would prove to be redundant as low volumes can be calculated via human intelligence, on more primitive basic tools such as Excel. Software Intelligence has also understood the change in interface and platform preferences, and are constantly growing on mobile. This showcases how the tool just doesn’t help a vendor understand it’s audience, but also adapts to the needs of it’s users.

How does Software Intelligence help in understanding the target audience?

Another key aspect of Software Intelligence is the close to accurate reporting that helps users understand what worked and what didn’t in terms of the work they put during any selected timeframe of their choice. This helps them get a better understanding and insight of what they should change and how quickly they should adapt to the markets that change like the winds. The revamped design, and the availability of customized dashboards for different creates a malleable and ductile atmosphere for garnering analytics with ease.

For any business, the key to success is understanding their customers, and that is exactly the motto behind Software Intelligence. With the ability to procure data from an ocean of consumers, along with the understanding of their sentiment towards a product, helps optimize a business perpetually, keeping growth constant and opportunities limitless. The bottom line is, Businesses now understand that the business users know their needs, their expectations from a product or a service keep pacing up. Here’s where software intelligence comes into play. By asking the relevant questions and combining data from the customers experience and usage, the answer to the question “What next?”, becomes predictable.

Here are some solid stats to back it up

With data literacy becoming today’s must have skill and software solutions improving data visualization, a recent survey from Forbes showed 73% of respondents say improving data visualization is a strategic imperative; 64% agree self-service data analysis models create a significant competitive advantage; and 63% believe distributed self-service enables end-users to develop more visually compelling analysis.

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