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Learn how is AngularJS different from jQuery


JavaScript tools are gaining a lot of attention in the present time. This is mainly because of their ability to make the things in application development simple and reliable. You might have no idea that AngularJS and JQuery are the two very popular JavaScript tools of the 21st century.

JQuery is basically a Document Object Model library which is helpful in cutting down the complexity from the processes of using JavaScript on a website. Actually, JavaScript plays an excellent role in making WebPages look attractive and dynamic. JQuery is capable to consider the difficult code that is needed to make AJAX calls. It converts the same into simple strategies that can be considered through a single line of JavaScript.

How AngularJS and JQuery are different

In JQuery you can find options for DOM manipulation whereas the same is not present in AngularJS. Event handling is not at all a big deal on JQuery while the same task is very complex on AngularJS.  Also, JQuery assures cross-browser compatibility whereas in case of AngularJS the same task is very difficult. JQuery is simple to use and light whereas latter needs expertise in handling it properly.

Both these technologies can be considered for any type of webpage applications development. However, you need to pay a close attention to the pros and cons associated with both. JQuery can be used in conjunction with other frameworks while you cannot do the same in case of AngularJS.


Developer’s opinion

Because JQuery is structure less, developers can proceed with tasks in the way they see them. It must be noted that lack of structure can sometimes result in a very complex code. It is because of no other reason than this JQuery is considered as a confusing approach at several stages during the development. On the other hand, AngularJS can simply be considered without worrying about anything like this.

With AngularJS a structured environment can simply be provided for SPA. Thus the chances of having a complex code can simply be reduced. AngularJS is actually equipped with features that let the developers impose a strict upper limit on the length of code without compromising with anything. When it is compared with JQuery, it doesn’t encourage the use of any library up to a large extent. Developers appreciated AngularJS because they can simply use HTML as a template language.

There are more features in AngularJS than JQuery and this is another factor that adds more to its popularity. It enables developers to simply work with MVC, form validation, templating beyond the limit and use angular directives.

What you must choose

In case you need to manipulate the DOM with JavaScript, obviously, JQuery is a better option to consider. It is best for light and powerful outcomes. Also, if you need to have some unique features on your website, this is exactly what that you should consider. There are almost no chances of data binding with this approach. Also, you can simply integrate the technology into angular directive through customization. In case flexibility is one of your prime needs, you must go with AngularJS.

AngularJS is excellent for two-way data binding. It enables you to keep a close eye on the needs of your present as well as future clients. Engaging, as well as stunning applications can simply and quickly be created with the help of this approach. Also, AngularJS is capable to eliminate the code repetition which always ensures scalable outcomes. Because it’s an Open source approach, there is no need for you to worry about customization. In fact, it all you need is customized outcomes, AngularJS is a better approach.

Support availability

There are a very large number of experts all over the world for both these technologies and thus you need not to worry about anything. Even if you stuck anywhere while developing the complex applications and WebPages, you can simply keep up the pace through various forums and online support websites.  The best thing about both of them is they are compatible with almost all the browsers and Operating Systems.

AngularJS is known to have inbuilt support for AJAX queries. You cannot expect the same from JQuery. Client side applications can easily be written in a reliable manner through AngularJS.

Now you are familiar with the pros and cons associated with both these approaches. You can choose them as per your needs. However, it must be noted that both these technologies can be trusted in the long run. AngularJS promises better results and more scalable applications than JQuery while developing large scale apps.