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Learn Blockchain to Gain A Rewarding Career

Blockchain technology is the talk of the techno-world. The technology is booming at a faster rate and is promising for almost all industries as it conforms trust relations in the techno-world. Blockchain builds a trusted network through its encryption algorithms and accounts for controllable permissions, provenance, transactions, smart contracts, and many applications.


However, to explore the technology for its benefits, there is a dearth in people with expertise in the technology. Recent graduates and young professionals with a keen interest in a futuristic career can choose blockchain. Universities across the globe have started offering blockchain courses, blockchain certifications, cryptocurrency courses, and many other related courses to meet the growing demand for talent.

If you are an aspiring professional yearning to gain a career in blockchain technology, this content piece is for you to know how blockchain is beneficial and is the best choice for you to learn.

Many industries are turning toward blockchain

Blockchain application seems to be more promising in the industrial sector. Many industries are exploring blockchain applications for provenance, logistics, and operations. To mention a few, they include healthcare, aviation, banking, retail, computing, real estate, insurance, food, pharmaceuticals, etc. This has led to increasing demand for blockchain engineers in all sectors.

Integration with new-age technologies

The mass adoption of blockchain is influenced by its combined role with other technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Leveraging blockchain and AI would improve security and scalability. Whereas, IoT data offers new methodologies for process automation at all levels. Blockchain supports the interoperability of IoT devices to provide a trusted and common communication layer.

Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Cryptocurrency is becoming the official digital currency in many countries. Blockchain is the underlying technology of cryptocurrency and helps to make smarter decisions and trading. the technology also enables us to shortlist the best ICOs available making trading easier. Many finance institutes are promoting blockchain for digital finance.

Digital identity

Digitalization has led to more cybercrimes making digital identities unsafe. The hackers may crack into the system anytime to conduct fraud or misuse information by cracking the identities, passwords, and other sensitive details. Blockchain has a cryptographic system making the hackers almost impossible to hack and access the information. Digital identities are singular and are verified, recorded in the blockchain leading to nil fake identities.


Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed record system making our information stored and distributed through secure cryptographic encryption methods. the concerned person and authorized authorities only can access the information and control the use for others. As the information is not stored at a central location, it makes hackers impossible to hack making the operations and transactions safe and secure.


Transparency and accountability are important for any operations or functions in the government or private sectors. Introducing blockchain into various systems like elections, taxes, and human welfare will help in bringing transparency and legitimacy for records and information. This has led to an increase in blockchain adoption.

The final thoughts

With so many benefits and research on blockchain, making a career in the same will turn fruitful. It is recommended to put hours in learning skills that are trending, use the resources efficiently, and use the technology for human benefits.

Blockchain is becoming mainstream today owing to increased digital processing, curb rapid growth in cybercrimes, and the rise of cryptocurrencies. The prevailing coronavirus challenge has paved the way for incorporating blockchain technology to the food industry, healthcare, and logistics mainly regaining the trust of the consumers. 58 percent of large enterprises are implementing blockchain.

This is an opportunity to carve your career in the growing niche for a bright future.