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Know Your Support Options for Dynamics 365

ERP implementations demand plenty of investment in terms of finances and human resources. Good ERP implementations also demand regular support in order to keep the flow going. In case of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, Dynamics 365 Support for Finance & Operations and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Support does the job. It must come from a credible service provider who enjoys a good name within business circles. Only good service ensures that critical challenges are answered with success.

But for that to happen, businesses must know the support options available to them. Given below are the Dynamics 365 Support and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support options you can choose form, depending on which one suits your business best.

  • Standard/Subscription Support: The subscription support plan is generally there with every cloud subscription. The plan includes basic services and technical resources to let you proceed effortlessly with day-to-day tasks and yet remain firmly focused on your business. The plan is also good for small businesses operating in a simple environment and working with a full-service partner. The support service will let you access to self-help guides and online learning tools, monthly webinars with experts, an online community to share support information and the ability to submit technical support requests either online or through phone.
  • Enhanced Support: This support plan has support requests being answered to quickly in addition to end users being given access to training material for further learning. Experts engineers are always there providing support to keep your business up and running. Technical support requests can be submitted online or by phone. Webinars, under this enhanced support plan, will be arranged with experts and the online community for more exposure and assistance to relevant issues. The best feature about the Enhanced Support Plan is the enabling of Service Dashboards, that help review system uptime status, analyze overall health and identify possible disruptions in addition to scheduling maintenance.
  • Professional Direct Support: Under the Professional Direct Support Plan, end users get quick and direct access to expert support whenever the feel the need for it. The plan is ideal for medium and large businesses operating in a 24*7 production requirement environment and in need of expert advice for critical service issues. The plan gives to end users access to a dedicated team of service delivery managers for end-to-end support. They also get access to Microsoft Dynamics self-help resources, training material and online learning resources. In addition to this, customers get to analyze system health, review uptime status and identify potential disruptions to schedule regular maintenance.

You must choose the support plan that suits your business best. Choosing the most suitable plan will also allow you access to technical resources that will help you remain focused on business and enhance business performance.

Whether you opt for the Standard Subscription Support Plan or the Enhanced Support Plan or the Professional Direct Support Plan, whichever it is, you must carefully weigh in your options first and then decide depending on the scale of your business, the number of customers your company happens to work with and the revenue that your business is generating and most importantly the growth prospects showed by it going forward.

If you are a growing company, a feature-heavy plan might not be the most ideal thing to happen to you and if you are an already thriving business, then settling for anything less than a feature-heavy plan can be really detrimental to your business.

These are the plans that you can choose from while seeking the best Dynamics 365 Support and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Support in order to continue functioning smoothly.