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IoT Trends: Know Anticipation of IoT Development & How It Shapes the Future


Internet of things (IoT) is advanced technologies among others which have completely transformed the whole world. As per the latest report by Gartner, approximately 20 billion devices by 2020 will be connected to the IoT and this IoT based product or devices will help service providers to gain around $300 billion business revenue. Every business these days are adopting technological advancement development to make their business future safe and secure from all the future milestones. 

IoT is a social phenomenon that is changing the perception of most of the devices working around us. IoT is one such technology which has changed completely changed the living environment of mankind and has facilitated them to get their work done more faster than ever before. There is the availability of the latest IoT trends which everyone has to consider in this development era, it can help them to stay up to date competitive in this competitive business era. 

Emerging IoT Trends to Consider for Your Overall Development 

According to an IDC report, the amount of data by IoT devices will reach 79.4 zettabytes by 2025. This means around 29.4 trillion gigabytes or 79.4 billion terabytes data is generated by IoT devices, this is because more than 41.6 billion connected devices information is collected, analyzed and stored by IoT devices when users use it for completing their day to day tasks. And for saving this data and getting the work effetely by IoT based devices businesses need to pay attention to the latest IoT trends of today. 

As per a report by Gartner, IoT trends and technological innovation will definitely drive digital business innovation for the future. Hence businesses must consider all this latest IoT tends to identify how these technologies will affect their business process and infrastructure. They must also learn how the latest trend will deliver them the result they want for their business.

The Internet is playing a crucial role in humans life, they access it to complete their various task Starting from buying clothes to factory equipment and to ordering food. More than 3.9 billion users have internet access worldwide these days who are using it with one or other IoT based devices to complete their daily tasks. And the latest IoT trends is here to keep the Internet free of exploitation, you can consider most of the latest IoT trends to boost your overall development. 

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 

Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have made their special place in the technologically driven era. Gartner has researched that 14.2 billion connected things are used by users presently in 2019 and this number will jump and will reach 25 billion by 2021, and increase the use of IoT connected devices will result in an increase in the volume of data. Data acts as an energetic fuel when it comes to IoT, this collected data can also help businesses to make better decisions above overall mobile app development which they carried out for the betterment of their firm. It provides the availability to entrepreneurs to take a decision about their business services, products, their development strategy, and much more. At the same time, it also guarantees success for the business.  

Digital Twins

Also known as Virtual prototyping or hybrid twin. Digital twin technology provides a virtual copy for your real-world product, system. process, or asserts and it can be used for various purposes. A digital twin is the latest tool that is a simulation tool that works effectively with many latest technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many others. It enhances the experience of the businesses by streamlining all the data operations. (Source) 

Connected Cloud

Almost all the businesses are aware of cloud storage and most of them are also using it for storing their valuable data safe and secure. Cloud storage crunches huge bandwidths when businesses access their stored data from it and the cost of cloud service is also significantly higher than other storage sources. 

Connected cloud has gained high momentum these days and is trying to meet all the requirements of the businesses. They can switch to connected clouds option whenever they want networking, storage data generated by IoT based devices, app deployment, security, and much more for enhancing their business process. These clouds provide a secure, streamlined, and seamless experience to the businesses, these workloads running in private, hybrid, and public environment is shaping the future of a multi-cloud environment.  

5G: Wireless Network 

This network is going to gain huge popularity in IoT optimized market. This is going to occur because IoT market optimizing latency, power consumption, connection density, bandwidth, quality of service, quality of the range, operating cost, and much more. Many of the application developed by the app development company uses the 5G wireless network. In one of the surveys, it was found that 2018 was fixed 5G application year while in 2019 we have seen drastic growth in 5G mobile devices which has completely changed the landscape of IoT. 

Edge Computing

There is no doubt that cloud storage is one of the hot topics of today. We have experienced a significant shift in storing methods and now there is a drastic shift in centralized and cloud storage as it has stepped one step ahead and moved to edge architectures, this shift only becomes possible due to intensifying in the IoT space. In edge computing data is stored in micro centers on the network for further processing. It provides a much better and cheaper solution for handling all the valuable data. (Source)

The data is stored locally on the IoT device hence it becomes easy for the users to use it whenever needed. This can result in traffic reduction on the network as well as minimize bandwidth cost. Moreover, edge computing is evolving steadily and will comprise a wide range of services and devices connected with IoT.  This dynamic mesh architecture will provide a more intelligent, responsive and flexible IoT system to the users. 


The sensor market has evolved dramatically in recent years. This sensor has the capability to cover more events and situations, it also reduces the power consumption which is required when you need to run deep neural networks. Sensors provide a totally new architecture that uses DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) functions to lower the power of IoT devices. Presently available sensors are more likely affordable and are packaged to support all new algorithms, apps, and much more. This advanced technology will deduce useless information or accessing information from the current sensors.  

Saas Became the Norm 

Saas (Software as a Service) is considered to be the hot topic of today which has gained huge popularity in very lesser time. SaaS has gained the top position in the list of the businesses as it offers a low cost of entry to the businesses whenever they demand. SaaS is one of the latest IoT trends which makes people live much easier and better than ever before.  

Few Taglines

The above discussed were a few of the latest IoT trends which everyone has to consider for the overall development of the sector in which they are currently working in. All these latest trends will make people’s life more comfortable, easy, secure, and will provide them a seamless experience which they never had before. Hence businesses who want to provide the best experience to the customers through IoT enabled devices must surely know about the latest technology to find the excellent one that meets all their requirements. 

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