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IoT for Logistics Industry: How It Promises to Solve Major Problems

devices are going to number around 75.44 billion by 2025. The increase in IoT based technology and development support has influenced many fields to start implementing IoT based technology and devices in their business operations.


Logistics Industry: The Evergreen Industry of All

The logistics industry is the one that is always booming. According to reports from 2017, the logistics industry has earned total revenue of US Dollar 1,171 Billion worldwide. Answering all supply and demand needs of customers and businesses, logistics businesses all over the world supply and store the items and answer transportation needs. IoT helps out every industry to manage and control business operations and logistics is not an exception. 

IoT for Logistics Industry: Manage and Control Everything Easily

The internet of Things offers excellent support for managing everything from every aspect and it increases business efficiency by providing thorough control.

Warehouse Management

Internet of Things connects various devices together and form a system that can be controlled from a single place and ensure efficient management over the remotely located place. And this helps in managing a logistics business at its best. The warehouse contains all the items and packages that are supposed to be delivered to customers and hence are required to be handled with extra care. 

IoT can ensure the security of the belongings put together at a warehouse. Since all the devices in work are connected and can be monitored from a single place, the owner can always keep an eye on the things stored inside and can know the status of every product with the help of RFID tags attached with packages and such IoT sensors provide complete information on the package which includes their live locations also. 

Also, the entire system is interconnected through the wireless network available and can be monitored from the solution developed specifically to ensure efficiency and excellent monitoring. With the easier availability of smartphones and mobile apps, majorly, mobile apps are used at the central control and the admin can manage and view the entire warehouse from a single place using the IoT-savvy solution available. It increases efficiency and provides excellent support for the betterment of business operations. 

The IoT-enabled sensors can be used to find out any possible faulty mechanisms of types of equipment used. This helps in ensuring the safety of staff when they operate on the equipment and also it lowers the risks of getting stuck among the work as the sensors capture the data and analyze the outcomes to predict the chances of equipment failures and it can provide you the information of when to replace the equipment to avoid future jeopardy.

Delivery Services

Delivery services are a crucial element of the entire logistics system. Picking up the order from the customer, collecting items from the inventory and ensuring it gets transported to the customer intact is the aim here. However, the package can sometimes suffer from damages if proper care is not taken and else it can be stolen or missing in-between the entire delivery channel. But IoT is here to solve every problem.

Leading e-commerce sellers like Amazon uses RFID tags or GPS systems to continuously track the package in real-time when in transit. It can also provide the live status of the delivery to customers using an app like uber that includes GPS support and also it efficiently manages the delivery guidelines. Also, if the package gets distorted, missed or damaged during transit, it can be right away known to the company tracking it and hence, IoT enables remote monitoring and updates over the shipment.

Supports Analytics

To keep your business running successfully, it is important to keep an eye on the latest industry trends and also keep yourselves updated on the requirements of your business. As IoT monitors every single operation of your logistics business, it can efficiently work for analyzing the market and your business to match out and find any lacking requirements that must be put into place in the first place to lead your business to success.

Conducting frequent analysis of the market and business guides you on how you can easily acquire the market by working out on the points where you lack and also ensure maximum customer satisfaction through working out the best as per your customers’ choices.


IoT is a future trend of the technology market which right now is being implemented for achieving the best results. With the growth in compelling software crafting and increasing development support, businesses are finding their own answers by getting their own solutions developed from experts. 

However, the security threats to these devices are yet to be answered. Hackers are getting smarter by each day and a simple bad gateway integration in any of the connected devices can give them access to the entire group of devices and to avoid such situations, the IoT field is currently being explored by skilled researchers to find out the solutions to these problems.

Increasing the efficiency of operations, excellence in inventory management and keeping customer satisfaction at top priority, IoT has revolutionized the entire logistics industry and has been ensuring efficient services.