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Understanding the Deep Learning Landscape


Extending our previous theme Companies who had AI and Digital at their core have fared far bette…, in this post, we consider the approaches to AI from individual companies

Sometimes you see a picture and it says something which you always suspected but were not quite able to fully articulate

The image above is one example (source analytics India mag €“ link below)

In a nutshell, what it says is .. companies in the AI space are choosing their favourite deep learning technique and focussing on it

Broadly, this is accurate

Despite some exceptions (such as Automl is not strictly a deep learning technique), the overall sentiment is accurate €“ more so because some companies are taking this to extremes

The best example of this is Deepmind with the idea of Reward is enough which kind of gives it a hammer and nail mindset

But once you accept this approach, and I agree with it, then it raises more questions

a)  People: How does it impact skills/ people/ interviews/ teams

b)  Companies: Would other companies take new approaches ? ex Baidu?

c)  Countries: Would countries focus on specific skills to gain competitive advantages? 

 d)  Domains yet up for grabs: I can see many areas up for grabs. For example, the UK recently announced a UK National AI strategy which figures an emphasis on €˜Cyber physical strategy€™. At an infrastructure level, this area is definitely open with no dominant player arising

In others like Virtual and Mixed reality, we see big bets such as facebook and metaverse

So, to conclude, what this shows us is:

  1. AI is a very complex domain
  2. AI is rapidly expanding
  3. It will continue to do so
  4. If you do not see the big picture, it creates an impression that one way is the right way

Welcome comments

As the ancient proverb goes, if you are working with AI, we live interesting times, and that€™s both a blessing and a struggle.

Like many in the industry, I love the complexity and the dynamism of AI !

Image source based on article from Analytics India mag