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How To Use Augmented Reality In Distance Learning


Augmented reality technology has evolved into one of the most effective distance learning solutions. It enables tutors to both educate and engage their students in the learning process. It is partly due to the fact that the modern generation became acquainted with technology at a young age. What do you know about the applications of augmented reality in distance education?

Technology is already ingrained in the lives of today€™s students. They have been using it since they were children. During the lockdown, most educational institutions switched to distance learning, believing that it was the best way to educate and stay safe during the pandemic.

Nonetheless, because they had no prior experience, this move proved to be difficult. It also caused many problems, such as efficient education and keeping students engaged at all times. Augmented reality has evolved into a helpful tool, allowing for the resolution of the majority of problems.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a modern technology that allows a person to connect the physical and virtual worlds and interact with them in real time. It allows virtual objects to be integrated into the physical world and the educational process as well.

How Can The Augmented Reality AR Be Used In Education?

There are numerous benefits to using augmented reality in distance learning:

  • It allows students to share content regardless of their location.
  • It gives students quick access to high-quality, fun, and interactive experiences.
  • It increased students€™ motivation, attention, and confidence.
  • It does not always necessitate the installation of a specific app or a monthly subscription, etc.
  • It enables students to take virtual field trips, transporting them to a physical, real-world location thousands of kilometres away.

AR has the potential to alter how students interact with visual graphic experiences. It is capable of integrating computer-generated graphics into the real-world environment displayed on the screen.

Getting Practical Skills In Addition To Theory

It seems that distance learning appears to be all about theory, with no room for practice. Nonetheless, AR provides the ability to model a specific situation using a graphic representation of the environment. For example, students learn the topic regarding the lives of savannah tribes. They can travel far into the past and feel as if they are living in those days, thanks to augmented reality.

The learning process of pilots is another good example of AR use. Using it, students learn to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice. It helps to save their lives in the event of a mistake and practice a specific situation more than once.

Presentation Of Complex Phenomena and Subjects

There are concepts and phenomena in the educational program that are difficult to imagine without visual presentation. For example, cell structure of plants, molecule structure, interaction of chemical components at the molecular level, cell decay, etc. AR enables students to comprehend not only the structure of specific elements, but also to investigate how forest plants and animals interact to create a sustainable environment.

Virtual Trips And Language Advancement

A student can, for example, use special AR glasses (such as Epson Moverio or Everysight Raptor) and a downloaded app to immerse himself in Paris and learn French. Furthermore, after an exciting trip, he can take a test to assess his progress in learning a language. For example, the educational company Unimersiv created the House of Languages program. After installing it on a smartphone, a student can study foreign languages, visit virtual museums, airports, and cafes, among other things.

Taking a virtual trip is especially beneficial when a student is required to write an essay or report on a specific topic. Given that many museums and libraries had locked their doors during the pandemic, it proved to be a difficult task.

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A growing number of colleges and universities are experimenting with AR in these areas and using it to support curriculum delivery. AR engages students’ senses and enhances learning by immersing them in a world rich in both information and experience: it provides a learning experience that students are unlikely to forget.

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