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How the data science certifications help the Big Data industry

In the past few years, Big Data has emerged as a prospective game-changer for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Possible – and actual – use cases include better customer targeting, improved employee hiring and benefits, better ad targeting, and reduced overall costs.

This growth in demand for Big Data has meant that a number of people now want to either get into or grow further in the data science industry. One of the most popular routes in this regard has been opting for some of the best data science certifications. Some of the most important advantages of a data science certification for a career in big data are explained below:


Getting the right skillset

Specialized certification in data science boosts knowledge and skills when it comes to industry standards and technologies. The requirement for capable professionals presently far exceeds their availability, and someone with a suitable skillset has a great chance at a career in Big Data.

A smaller investment of time

For aspiring Big Data professionals, one concern often is the perceived need to take a career break or put in up to three years for a degree. A certification is typically a matter of just a few months, and also offers the advantages of online learning, self-paced learning, and other options or formats. These allow busy professionals to augment their skills while not falling behind on their earnings.

High salary prospects

Multiple surveys have predicted high demand from the data science industry for professionals with deep analytical skills and data management and interpretation skills. A certification proves their expertise in technology and their usefulness for harnessing the power of Big Data through complex tasks. Multiple businesses have expressed their intent to implement data science projects in their operations, so the prospects are bright.


Applicability across industries

Domain expertise, of course, is a plus, but the very nature of data science makes it applicable across industries and means that there are numerous job opportunities for professionals holding certifications. Popular areas with a demand for Big Data professionals include banking, healthcare, HR management, logistics, and retail. For example, a candidate with one of the best data science certifications could evaluate data from an AdWords campaign launched by an online retailer, and generate insights that help the retailer to see what worked, what did not, and the right way to implement future campaigns.

Better real-world knowledge

One of the best aspects of choosing to get certified in data science is the chance to learn from experienced industry professionals who have worked in the field for a number of years. The best data science certifications skill the candidate in the most widely-used marketing tools, along with real-world examples that offer insights into actual industry problems and possible solutions. Such experience proves to be invaluable in their pursuit of careers as Big Data professionals.

Career progression over the long term

Beyond the short-term gain in landing a job opening or moving up a role in the data science industry, a certification also sets the candidate up for a long-term career. It is a chance to leapfrog careers from a traditional IT job to the futuristic, high-tech world of Big Data. Also, a candidate can choose certifications as per the desired career path, such as development, architecture, analytics or administration. The certifications often incorporate skill-level based progression from beginner to intermediate to expert.

Not just private companies, but even the public sector has woken up to the advantages of incorporating Big Data into their operational strategies. Programs and policies are in full force to give an impetus to technological and skill-building investments, as Big Data is no more experimental but core to operations. So get certified and get set!

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