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How Managed Service Providers can tap Big Data to help enterprises grow?

Big data involves a process of grasping and understanding the significance of massive data that is highly disorganized and is very difficult to analyze using conventional relational databases. Drawn from various sources, it is delivered in several ways. This data, which is invaluable in today’s globalized world, is growing exponentially. 

As it affects all aspects of mankind, companies can tap it to serve their customers better and rise up the value chain. IBM estimates that data of 2.5 million terabytes is produced every day.  This data helps some companies benefit, as they obtain vital marketing information by understanding the behavioral patterns of their customers. While it helps many anticipate threats, others evaluate it so that they are in a position to improve their services.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), therefore, sensing its importance are jumping onto the big data bandwagon. Now, they are in a position to suggest to enterprises – their clients – on how to use big data analytics and management to grow their businesses.

The main reason that large, medium, and small companies turn to Managed Service Providers is that they do not have the expertise, time or money to manage their big data ecosystem. The MSPs can offer through their proficiency efficient big data analytics solutions.

As businesses transition into the cloud, the IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. In the future, this will lead to a convergence of IoT, mobile computing, and big data solutions. The architectures of these will be virtual and flexible and, therefore, scalable. Only very few companies will be able to manage them. The companies also cannot absorb the rate at which data is being generated. Here, too, MSPs help companies manage big data analytics cost-effectively while they devote their time to specialized tasks. 

Among the other reasons that companies turn to MSPs to make use of big data is that they provide IT operations round the clock, 365 days a year. They can do so because they employ dedicated employees who see to it that the clients are able to avail services at all times. In case of any problems, managed service provider with their extensive knowledge, automation processes, and expertise in resolving security issues can mitigate any adverse effects that their clients’ businesses may have to deal with.

In addition to cutting costs of companies, they also offer customized solutions to their clients.  

Importantly, they make up for the shortage of skilled IT workers in big data applications.    

Furthermore, when the service provider and its client can collaborate, the latter will be in a better situation to provide its niche services.

MSPs can also help companies offer services better depending on the location and their area of expertise.

Besides, MSPs take on themselves the onus of coordinating with third-party IT providers.

Included also in their suite of services is deployment, monitoring, managing, supporting, and sorting out of issues, which eases the burden on their clients.

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