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How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Meeting Experiences

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Today’s digital world has significant importance for user satisfaction. So whether it’s a website, mobile application, or customer care, the job is to satisfy the customer. And because of this, the UX design process has gained a lot of importance. UX design trends keep evolving with time. Now is the time of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology has been making many waves in the market over the past few years. Indeed, it has single-handedly improved communications, boosted productivity, facilitated seamless collaboration, and much more.


To be precise, AI has also been revolutionizing meeting experiences; read on to find out the ‘how’:

  1. Better efficiency: One of the bigger advantages of leveraging artificial intelligence in meetings is the ability to enhance general efficiency. Thanks to features such as automatic field of view, one does not have to spend time just setting up the camera properly; Artificial intelligence-driven solutions can take care of that for you by automatically panning, tilting, and zooming to ensure that everyone fits on the screen.
  2. Automated notes: Long gone are the days when people had to manually take notes in a meeting, thus losing their ability to focus on the meeting and whatever is going on completely. We do not have to tell you how detrimental all this can be to productivity. Thankfully, artificial intelligence can help in this regard via automated note-taking, meeting transcripts, etc., thus ensuring that the meeting’s participants are not distracted and can be 100% focused on the meeting.
  3. Improved engagement: One may not usually associate the word ‘engagement’ with meetings, but the truth is that for meetings to be as productive as they can be, the attendees must be optimally engaged. To that end, artificial intelligence-driven functions such as voice recognition, facial recognition, etc. These functionalities make sure presenters who are talking are in focus, that the cameras switch between different speakers automatically, and so much more. All in all, such features and provisions ensure that participants remain engaged throughout the meeting.
  4. Automate mundane tasks: More often than not, at least a handful of meeting attendees find themselves preoccupied with some related task or another. As you can imagine, this can quickly take a toll on productivity by hindering said attendees’ participation. So, what can artificial intelligence do in this regard? This technology can help ensure that the associated mundane and repetitive tasks are taken care of, thus allowing attendees to relax, network, discuss, and function better. This also allows attendees to be completely focused on the agenda at hand instead of being weighed down by the responsibility of mundane administrative tasks and others.

It is clear today that artificial intelligence has completely transformed how we generally go about our lives. And as for meeting experiences, there is so much to be said and achieved with artificial intelligence: from improved efficiency to automation of mundane tasks, there is no dearth of the benefits one stands to gain from revolutionizing meeting experiences with this avant-garde technology. Furthermore, with the increasing digitization of businesses, it ought to come as no surprise that artificial intelligence has come to play a critical role in enabling such digitalization and improving myriad facets of companies’ operations, such as meetings. So, what are you waiting for, then? Go ahead and start looking for a meeting management software development company immediately and start building the right solution for your business too.