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How Does Google Tag Manager Make Website Tracking Easier?

  • Rio 


Do you want to deploy tracking codes to a website quickly? With Google tag manager (GTM), it can be possible without any modifications in coding. Tags work like a tracking source on the website, and Google tag manager allows you to manage tags easily. It completely changes the way of deploying tracking codes without getting any help from developers. For the e-marketers, it works like a big helping hand in tracking leads and controlling the budget. 

What Is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is an online platform by which you can manage and add tags for marketing purposes on the website with ease. Some may wonder and raise a query of how it can work in tracking. It performs a role like a bridge that connects your website with a source of gathering data (analytics). 

It helps in managing and tracking all your tags at one platform, and you don’t need to access different types of coding files and all. Many want to know; how does it work? GTM works based on three major parts. 

  • Tags
  • Triggers 
  • Variables 

Before discussing its benefits and other aspects, we should have a clear view of these terms. 


Tags are considered as the tracking code or pixels. GTM gets guidance from these tags for tracking and generating data. 


Triggers are useful in managing the tags’ deployment and performance. It provides guidance regarding when to apply a tag, where to apply, and your target (page view, click, or another custom action). These stats help Google Tag Manager in firing tags adequately. 


For flawless tracking and getting relevant outputs, some additional information needs to be provided to GTM, and such information is considered as variables. It helps in triggering tags and tracking users easily. The most common example of variables is the UA number of Google Analytics. 

Understanding such terms will help in getting introduced to its functioning and usability. 

What Are The Benefits Of Google Tag Manager?

Previously, companies needed to hire developers and bear the risk of editing website source code that may cost of losing data or complete the website.  The use of GTM eliminates the source code editing and requirement of developers. Here are some major benefits. 

      1. Shorten the process 

In traditional ways, companies need to follow a long and complicated process for tracking code deployment and gathering data. Firstly, they need to hire a marketer or analyst for the installation of new tracking codes, then they need to hire a web developer for adding tracking codes to the website’s source code. After that, a testing procedure is followed to fix all errors, and then tracking begins. The complete process consumes time for more than a week. 

In GTM ways, companies need to hire only marketers. A marketer can complete the website configuration and guide Google Tag Manager about events to track such as – views, clicks, submissions, and so on. After such a short process, data collection begins. It will take a few hours only. 

      2. Easy Testing 

Performance testing of tags (tracking codes) becomes easier with testing & troubleshooting tools of Google Tag Manager. Its preview and debug mode helps in identifying and differentiating the tags that are triggered successfully and not. The complete process will help you in figuring out, the tags are going to work on a live website properly or not for data collection. With it, the tester will help in providing reports about contained information via tags. 

      3. No Cost 

Using GTM does not cost a single penny. It means the companies can track their leads for free. All they need to hire a good marketer or analyst only. 

Note: It is good for small or medium-sized companies to avail of such services. In case you want to use GTM for a large size company, or want to operate more than three workspaces, then you should proceed with the premium version Google Tag Manager 360. It is available with some advanced features. 

     4. Workspaces, Versions, And Environments 

Enabling workspaces features will help in allowing more than one professional to work by using the same container. Here, they can work without creating a disturbance in others’ work. After completing the work without disturbance, the final results will be merged automatically. 

With time, marketers make changes in strategies, and similarly, it leads to some changes in tags. Here, the version feature becomes more important. Google Tag Manager creates versions as per the changes made. Sometimes, by mistake, the professional may publish tags incomplete or without testing. Here, they can undo such a mistake by publishing the previous version that is created automatically before editing. 

Environments feature is helpful in eliminating the stress that may take place while publishing tags on live websites. It deploys all tags perfectly as per the website’s environment and functioning. 

     5. Secure Source 

It provides a completely secure source for tracking purposes. Google is regularly scanning all tags or tracking codes. In case any malware error or existence is identified, then it takes action immediately and pauses that particular tag. With it, you are capable of controlling the accessibility of your Google Tag Manager account. For keeping it more secure, you can create whitelists or blacklists with some specific commands for your website’s data layer. 

     6. User Management 

You can set multiple users of your GTM account and are capable of applying limitations on their access. It depends on your consent what kind of permission you grant such as – 

  • No access 
  • Edit 
  • Read only 
  • Approve 
  • Publish 

It will help you give access to your marketing team as per their role and responsibilities regarding tag management. 

Now, you can understand why Google Tag Manager is more preferred over traditional tracking ways these days. Additionally, you need to keep one thing in mind regarding its usage. For optimum utilisation of GTM and drive the results swiftly, the users should have technical knowledge. Technical knowledge is useful in proper installation and accessing all its features for better results. So, facilitate your online marketing with GTM today and strengthen your tracking system.