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How Data Warehousing Support in Faster Decision Making For Rapid Growth of Organisation?

The role of data is changing significantly with advanced methodologies used for upgrading sales and integrating business intelligence in the organisational schema for better outcomes. But in the absence of proper tools and techniques to manage and organise such a large pool of data, results might appear too far-fetched. So, what is the way out to handle bundles of unstructured data and harness its true potential for catalysing the growth? Data warehousing is the solution that enterprises seek to support in decision making and grabbing potential market using real time insights provided by it. Data analytics helps in reporting, analysing and creating numerous use cases that revolve around solving your business problems.


Working of Data Warehousing, Data Lake  & Benefit They Can Bring For the Enterprise 

Data warehouse works like big data lake of information that is designed to store and preserve a large chunk of information. Business requires real time insights that support trend analysis by setting up an efficient system that  improvises the processing and sorting of details; thus preventing data duplication and creating a better usable data history that yields results.

Such an approach or working of data warehouse helps in maintaining a complete data history even if it has been purged from different source transaction systems. When the data gets assembled from data lake  in one place working like dashboards, the resulting outcome is different business applications working efficiently to deliver quality as they have just one data source from where they can extract information and refine the data for different purposes in the organisation. 

Why Enterprises/Corporations Prefer Data Warehousing as a service (DWaaS) for Business Intelligence?

Bettering Business Intelligence 

Decisions are important in business and they can be perfect when fuelled by insights from real-time data collected. While framing the business strategy or setting up a specific operational module as a standard operating procedures (SOP), corporations have to rely on data driven facts that can help them take concrete decisions. Real-time insights from unstructured or parsed data that establishes a better data visualisation can increase the efficiency in market segmentation, inventory management, financial management and lastly sales. In this way, the business can grow up to become much more competitive and market ready to withstand any disruptions occurring at the technology, trends or consumer behaviour. 


Setting Up High Performance Data Analysis 

Data warehouse is not just a godown storing information rather a place that expedites data retrieval process and organise data engineering and analysis. When you need to make quicker decisions, presence of a system that can query the stored data in a structured manner and provide real-time feedback simply make the process swift.  The high performance data analysis helps in understanding trends and adopting as per the change so that better decisions can be made in due time that delivers results for the corporations. 

Faster Data Access

Data warehouses creates one single dashboard that stores KPI or Key Performance Indicators. Some of the data indeed are KPIs that influence decision making and when they are available in a flash, it saves a lot of time for the corporation. When one dynamic dashboard works in the organisation, the higher management do not have to rely on the IT team for collecting data. When you have access to one single dashboard that performs multiple functions, decision making becomes faster as you do not have to spend much time on gathering data, rather, you can focus more on the analysis that can influence the outcomes. 

Quality Enhancement 

Quality enhancement is necessary for creating a frugal data visualisation that has the potential to influence decision making with long term objectives. In data warehousing, collection of data happens from multiple sources that make them consistent and standardised. As there is one single dashboard that controls all the data stored in the warehouse, different departments in the organisation like sales, marketing and operations easily access the data and use it for meeting their designated objectives. The availability of key data at the right time support faster decision making and better results for the organisation.

Better ROIs

The core purpose of using data warehousing as a service (DW-a-a-S) by most corporations is to minimise the cost and push up the profits.  But this stuff is not as simple as it may sounds to you. Data simplifies the process though with future speculations by identifying the habits of the consumers, market and suggesting future trends based on which the planning can work. Such key inputs influence decision making with real time analytics to support or stand against market disruptions. With such an approach, ROIs are bound to fall into place that benefits the organisations at large. 


Thus, you can see that DW-a-a-S has true potential and it has been changing the business landscape by providing real-time business insights that shape business model and speed up the decision making process.

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