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How Chatbots Are Helping In The Battle Against Covid-19?


You might have seen how technologies are serving us in multiple fields and situations whether it is Artificial intelligence, ML or Blockchain. Technologies like artificial intelligence did not leave us alone when are suffering through a disaster like Covid19. Yes! It is true that AI based-chatbots are helping us during Covid19

Well, let me tell you that this contribution of chatbots in Covid19 is really useful as people during Covid19 are highly engaged with mobile apps. According to statista.com, 

The outbreak of coronavirus in Poland caused nearly 90% of companies to implement remote working. This situation has resulted in increased use of mobile applications. For example, the Microsoft Teams application recorded an increase in use by 195%. However, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp enjoyed the greatest popularity in the home office period. 
How chatbots are helping in the battle against COVID 19?

In order to know how chatbots are helping in the battle against COVID 19, I will introduce you to some of the chatbots which are playing an important role during this period. 

So to proceed with this discussion, I would like to tell you that Haptic has played an important role as it has introduced MyGov Corona Helpdesk – the official Government of India chatbot to answer queries about the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Gov corona Helpdesk

The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot is available on WhatsApp and can be accessed simply by messaging the cellphone number 9013151515. You can also access the chatbot The chatbot was created by Reliance Jio-backed Haptik Technologies.
4368708139(source: https://haptik.ai/blog/haptik-goi-covid-19-chatbot/)

This chatbot is really helpful in getting COVID 19 information in such a really easy way of communication. You can get each and every information related to this virus such as its symptoms, and how it is transmitted; preventive measures that can be taken as a safeguard against the virus; health & travel advisories; and official government helplines for further information/assistance. Apart from this, you can also find links to additional information here in order to know more about this disease. 

Haptik decided to implement this MyGov corona Helpdesk on Whatsapp platform because as everybody knows WhatsApp is one of the most highly used platforms of sharing information and communication with each other. So, this is understood that implementing chatbot to this platform is one of the most accurate ways to reach and inform numbers of citizens.
4368716001(source: https://haptik.ai/blog/haptik-goi-covid-19-chatbot/)

Let me tell you that numbers of high authority people are making use of this chatbot such as the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


Just like My GovCorona helpdesk, Goa developed a chatbot-Cobot-19–in collaboration with healthcare startup Portea Medical and Bengaluru-based automation firm Verloop. This chatbot is capable of answering queries on COVID-19 in languages such as  English and Konkani, with Hindi support in the works.

Chatbots like cobot-19 are based on machine learning (ML). cobot-19 is a very basic kind of chatbot as, like other chatbots which we have seen in eCommerce platforms, it is not that much sophisticated. It is simply used to ask questions and it has a fixed pattern of some answers. If it seems impossible for it to answer the question, then it will collect the questions and take them to the doctors from Portea Medical. After that, the chatbot is trained for those questions to respond if those are asked again. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure cognitive services are really beneficial for large companies and healthcare organizations in order to build enterprise-grade bots that can speak, listen, and understand people. In fact, there are various companies that have already started making use of this technology in the initial phase of COVID 19. They are focusing to make people aware of the symptoms of coronavirus and screen patients virtually before inviting them to come for in-person evaluations. 


Like other intelligent chatbots, Bold360 combines advanced AI chatbots with live agents. These kinds of chatbots are able to understand natural language processing. So it helps the chatbots to have a real conversation with the brand’s customers. These kinds of chatbots are capable enough to answer the number of queries in times of crisis. Bold360 is able enough to deliver authentic and continuous AI-powered answers through chat, email, social, and SMS.


Well, this is basically a business SMS text messaging solution, but it has been adopted during the time of crisis as it also offers a chatbot solution. The people can ask queries and it delivers answers based on previous experiences. The platform manages the conversation lifecycle and passes context and custom metadata between each human and bot that’s involved in an interaction.

Businesses can implement this chatbot in order to entertain their customers, solve their problems and get feedback from them. In this way, this chatting bot is also going viral these days. 

Final words

So on the basis of this whole discussion, you may be aware of the fact of how these chatbots are playing an important role in the battle against COVID 19. You have also seen how the government is also making use of these chatbots in order to spread awareness. 

Although the great effect is seen on the whole economy of the old still the use of these chatbots is telling us that the chatbot development companies in India are getting huge benefits. In short, it could be said that chatbots are playing the role of guide and messenger for the people and are contributing in the battle against COVID 19. 

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