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How Big Data is Responsible for Advanced App Development

According to a survey the number of mobile users worldwide from 2019 to 2023 will grow at a rapid pace. For 2020, the number of mobile users worldwide is forecast to grow to 6.95 billion.

Mobile applications have become one of the inseparable parts of our lives. We cannot think of a single day without using different mobile applications. This is the reason why various industries are developing mobile applications to connect with customers. ]

Although mobile applications are one of the best ways to get connected with the customers but with the ever-changing technology, customer’s needs, changing marketing trends, it becomes very difficult to pace with this competition. 

Well, it has a way out. Yes! 

“You can communicate with your customers with ever-changing technology and needs. How?

The answer is Big Data. Yes, by implementing big data in mobile applications development.”

How big data is responsible for advanced app development?

Every business such as health or general living standards could apply big data analytics. Big data is a field that can be used in any area whatsoever given that this big quantity of data can be harnessed to one’s advantage.


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Big Data analytics is a one-stop solution for almost every organization, it helps in predicting  customer purchasing behavior patterns, detecting fraud, and abuses. It provides opportunities for business experts to question and understand data according to their business needs irrespective of the difficulty and volume of the data. 

Giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Walmart, etc., also adopt data visualization to the effortlessness and difficulty of handling data. Data visualization has shown enormous positive outcomes in such business organizations. 

Implementing data analytics and data visualization; enterprises can lastly begin to tap into the huge potential that big data possesses and make a sure greater return on investments and business constancy.

Let’s jump quickly to the pointers which are telling the story of how big data is responsible for good mobile app development?

  • Know Customer Needs

Your mobile app should be developed or designed in such a way that along with looking presentable, it should well understand the customer’s needs. Otherwise, it cannot make your customers happy. So it could be said that your customers need both a good looking and understanding mobile app. 

Being an owner of a particular brand, you should always get updated regarding the needs of the customers and this could be done by looking back to the customer’s searches and preferences. This can be done with the help of big data analytics. 

With the help of big data, you can analyze the overwhelming volume of data that users generate on a regular basis and convert it into relevant insights. 

You can easily form new ideas for the customers based on the existing research and experience and by understanding how users from different backgrounds, age groups, lifestyles, and geographies relate, react, and interact with mobile apps. 

Let’s take an example of Uber car service which takes a look into a customer’s previous experience when a customer repeats for a cab, Uber analyzes real-time traffic conditions, availability of a driver nearby, estimated time for the journey, etc. and provides a time and cost estimate for improved engagement.

  • Enable Personalization

With the help of big data, you can optimize search and make it more preferred and less confusing for the users. You can easily prioritize results on the basis of analyzing data from the customer queries. This will help in delivering better as well as more contextual experience which is of greater importance for the particular user. 

Apart from this, you can also group data and features to provide smarter self-service for immediate answers. Amazon is one such an example that uses big data in order to enable predictive analysis and shows product suggestions on the priority basis on the basis of a user’s past experience, purchase history,  products they have viewed or liked as well as trending products. 

Amazon takes care of delivering better experience by going through the cycle which starts from product delivery to product checkout. 

  • Helps in Right Marketing Strategies

As you know that by collecting and assembling user’s data like their likes, dislikes, needs, requirements, expectations, and more, it is really easy to hit the right marketing strategy like how, when, and where to target your audience. 

There are various ways in which marketing could be done by sending push-notifications to particular customers as well as the strategies to increase engagement.  This personalization of sending notifications could be done by big data analysis as it can analyze users’ demographic data, purchase patterns, and social behavior to modify your marketing messages according to their current interests. 

Your right marketing strategy will help you to build engagement with your customers, make them revisit your platform, develop satisfaction and this will ultimately generate your revenue. 

What are the applications of Big Data?

In order to know how exactly big data helps in various industries, I would like to give examples of big data applications in various industries. Let’s follow the pointers quickly:

  • Banking Industry

The make use of customer data could also move up privacy issues. By spotting inconspicuous associations between it appears that unmistakable bits of information, Big Data Analytics could possibly uncover sensitive individual data. According to one study,  62% of financiers are careful in their utilization of Big Data because of isolation issues. 

Further, outsourcing of information investigation execution or sharing of client information crossways offices for the production of happier understanding additionally opens up security dangers.

  • Agriculture

A biotechnology firm uses sensor data to enhance procuring efficiencies. It plants examination collects and runs reenactments to figure how plants respond to various changes in condition. Its information surrounds over and over acclimates to change in the quality of different information it gathers, and temperature, water levels, soil arrangement, development, yield, and quality sequencing of every plant in the proving ground. These recreations approve to locate the ideal ecological circumstance for correct quality sorts.

  • Finance 

Finance related organizations are utilizing outsider acclaim scoring while assessing new acclaim applications. Be that as it may, the banks are at present utilizing their own acclaim scoring investigation for accessible clients utilizing an expansive scope of information, and also checking, reserve funds, charge cards, home loans, and venture information.

So, there are many more big data applications. Yes, big data is playing an important role in almost all the industries and making them communicate with their customers in various ways. 

Final words

Knowing each customer’s preference and providing them a personalized platform is such an amazing way to get connected with your customers. And this is what big data is doing for and this is the reason why big data is responsible for advanced app development.

Being an owner of the brand, you are responsible for the personal interest of your customers. It’s only you who can hire mobile app developers in India as you can find the best service from there. Get developed the best app for your customer in order to reach their preferences.