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How Big Data Can Improve Your Golf Game

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Big data and data analytics have become a part of our everyday lives. From online shopping to entertainment to speech recognition programs like Siri, data is being used in most situations. 

Data and data analytics continue to change how businesses operate, and we have seen how data has improved industry sectors like logistics, financial services, and even healthcare. 

So how can you use data and data analytics to improve your golf game? 

It Can Perfect Your Swing 

Having proper posture on your swing helps maintain balance and allows a golfer to hit the ball squarely in the center of the club. A good setup can help a golfer control the direction of the shot and create the power behind it. 

Using big data and data analytics, you’re able to analyze your swing and identify areas they could improve upon. This allows you to understand how your shoulder tilts at the top of every swing and when it connects with the ball, and your hip sways when the club hits the ball. 

All this information can help a golfer see where their swing is angled and how the ball moves. This will help identify areas that can be worked on, leading to better balance, a better setup, and a sound golf swing. 

It Can Help You Get More Distance on the Ball 

Every golfer would love to have more distance on the ball, and it’s completely possible to gain that extra distance.  Golfers can use data to get the following information: 

  • Swing speed
  • Tempo
  • Backswing position
  • % of greens hit

By using data analytics, you’d be able to tell which part of the clubface you’re striking the ball with or if you’re hitting more towards the toe or heel. You’ll also get a better understanding of your shaft lean, which can help you get your shaft leaning more forward. This can help you gain distance just by improving your impact. 

When it comes to tempo, analytics can help you gain more speed in your backswing so that you get an increase in speed in your downswing. This will lead to more speed and can help you gain more distance.

The goal of using data is to get the golfer to swing the club faster without swinging out of control. 

How Can You Track Your Data?

There are a few ways in which a golfer can track and analyze their golf swing. The first is by attaching golf sensors like the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors to your golf clubs. 

This will record the golfer’s swing speed, tempo, and backswing position on every club used on every hole. Once you’re done with the round of golf, you’d upload the information to your PC, and this would give the golfer the statistics of their game.

You can also use your mobile phone to record your swing shot and then use an app like V1 to analyze the video. This will allow you to see your down line or front line and show you the swing angle. 

You can also use golf simulators like Optishot, which has 32 sensors and tracks both the swing and your face. It’s also pre-loaded with key data points to track your swing speed, tempo, and backswing position. This simulator also lets you play golf against your friends online. 

Benefits of Using Data in Golf

Practice will help your game improve, but our daily lifestyles don’t always allow us to practice regularly. Using data, you’re getting unbiased feedback, which allows a golfer to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. 

This will allow you to customize your practice time to what you need to focus on, making sure you make efficient use of the practice time. You can also set realistic goals where you can track and measure your progress. 


Big data is here to stay, and it’s found its way into almost every aspect of life. Why not include it in your golf game if you’re looking for a way to improve and make more efficient use of your practice time? 

Author bio:

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer, mentor, and coach. He also owns a golf publication site, https://www.golfinfluence.com/, where he writes about a lot of stuff on golf. 

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