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How Big Data and Education Can Work Together to Help Students Thrive

According to technology experts that would have increased from 130 to 40000 exabytes ten and a half years before 2020. Some research writers have estimated that society will produce 1.7 megabytes of data every day for each individual on the planet increasing today’s digital universe from 4.4 to 44 zettabytes

A lot of institutions and organisations use big data systems to gather, record and analyse a large amount of information drawing priceless insights into day-to-day operations. This technological innovation changes how an enterprise’s leverage on information to improve industries and transform education.

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By analysing these big data systems, organisations are able to able to draw meaning from this information to make more accurate decisions. Focusing on the academic setting, there have been some theories that classrooms will be fitted with continuous video feeds this video feeds will track the details of each learner such as their facial expressions social interactions and total physical movements and reactions.

Using this data, they can be put to serve each student individually and make communication between learners and educators easier Big data technology holds a lot of opportunities for each and every member of the society starting from the educational sector. here are some of the opportunities that ensure from big data technology in regards to education and aiding learning environment.

1. New creative learning pattern.

According to normal learning standards, students usually advanced to higher classes because of their age. A lot of times the really exceptional students are forced to remain in the same class with their less gifted peers because the educator is not perceptive enough to know the differences. However, using big data technology student performances are continually checked, and the special ones can be advanced by virtue to the results. This technology has made it a point of duty to constantly evaluate human performance and analyse it’s for improvement.

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2.  Customized curricula

Every student is special, every student exists individually. Although there might be the underlying principle that is basic for all academic learning process, it differs from children to children. Using big data technology educational models such as digital learning and customized curricula is fast-rising.

Our world is becoming very technology reliant on phones, cars, appliances, etc. They are all controlled by technology, and these are just for basic living. Now a student will prefer to no longer write his essay on a piece of paper but rather have it e-mailed to the college professor. In the past, there were statutory learning plans that applied to every student irrespective of their academic performance or specialities however with the advent of big data technology, the curriculum is being customized is such a way as to fit perfectly to each student’s peculiarities creating a blend between the traditional learning process and online learning.

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3. Tracking student performance

Using big data is not only restricted to elementary schools it is also expanding up to the University and college. Through this technology and its educational impact on involved students and educators are helped to better understand each student. Using big data technology, the teachers are able to track where the student has major problems. Teachers are able to pinpoint exactly where the problems are stemming from without actually relying on a standardized test that made not really address or probe the issue.

The digital technology system is more adaptive to the student’s problem being able to address the problem directly adapting to the students’ needs. This does not mean that the student is treated specially, but it helps the student keep up with the rest of the class. Using this technology, education is able to track accurately the performance of each and every of a student their weaknesses and their strengths.

Although big data technology, for now, is focused on the students with time it will also move on to pay attention to the educators. The educators must know how to use technology to improve the students learning possibilities. Though it may take a while this technology has come to stay and become the main landscape for learning in the world.