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Free SAS, Data Analytics and Statistics Tutorials

SAS Tutorials on 9to5sas are designed for SAS programmers, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and all the readers who want to learn SAS and need to transform raw data to produce insights for business decisions using SAS.

Why SAS?

Being SAS Professional I can tell you why SAS. I would say, its bit tiny subject however very Unique, competitive and leading within the analytics world. SAS is the main statistic tool certified by the FDA, IIRC.

SAS is Statistical Analysis System i.e. a collection of software program tools created by SAS Institute. SAS programming has numerous applications like the analysis of multivariates, predictive analysis, management of data and business intelligence.

Statistics show that 70% of analytics jobs are in SAS Programming, followed by R and then Python. It is an ever-evolving technology according to industry needs is one major factor in its favour.

SAS tutorials for Beginners

The following articles/blog posts are for beginners who have no programming background or new to SAS programming language. Start with fundamentals of SAS and slowly you will find yourself comfortable in. SAS. It’s that easy to learn and master.!!


  1. Introduction to Base SAS Programming
  2. History of SAS
  3. How to learn SAS Programming online for free?
  4. Downloading and installing SAS Studio
  5. SAS on Demand
  6. Base SAS Tutorials
  7. Getting Data in SAS
  8. Working with SAS Libraries
  9. Data Set Options
  10. SET Statement
  11. Variable Conversions in SAS
  12. IF-Then-Else Statements
  13. Loops
  14. WHERE Statement in SAS
  15. Character Functions
  16. Numeric Functions
  17. Compare Function
  18. Compress Function in detail
  19. Comparison Operator
  20. Automatic Data Step Variables
  21. Formats and Informats
  22. Retain Statement
  23. Date Formats
  24. Proc Sort
  25. Proc Print

Advanced SAS: Proc SQL
Proc SQL

  1. SQL SET Operators
  2. Advanced SAS: SAS Macros

SAS Macros for beginners

  1. Creating Macro variables from SAS datasets
  2. SAS Macro Quoting Functions

SAS Advanced Programming Concepts

  1. Creating User-Defined Formats – Proc Format
  2. SAS Picture Formats
  3. Table Lookup Techniques in SAS
  4. SAS Arrays
  5. Creating a Single Observation from Multiple Records-(SAS data step and Arrays)
  6. Proc Transpose
  7. Proc Rank
  8. Combining SAS Data Sets Vertically
  9. Index in SAS
  10. Fuzzy Matching in SAS

SAS Analytics

  1. Business Analytics Overview
  2. Proc Means
  3. Proc Freq
  4. Proc Univariate
  5. Proc Tabulate

Statistics Tutorials

  1. Descriptive Statistics in SAS
  2. Central Limit Theorem
  3. Confidence Interval for the population mean
  4. Basics of hypothesis testing
  5. How to choose a statistical testing
  6. Proc TTEST

Other Topics

  1. SAS Certification Questions and Answers
  2. SAS Tips and Tricks
  3. Practical Problem-Solving SAS Examples
  4. SAS Quizzes & Poles

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