I'm a student in France and I am looking for a dataset including most (or all) bird species, with informations like average wingspan, average weigth, max flight speed and eventually picture(s) of the species.
I've searched the usual websites, but could not find a dataset matching those recquirements.
Does anybody know such thing ?

Thx for your help,

A. R.

(sorry for poor english)

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I'm not sure what websites you've checked, but have you looked at the websites for or contacted various bird-related organizations?

A couple that come to mind are Cornell Lab of Ornithology (https://www.birds.cornell.edu. Email: [email protected]) and the International Ornithological Association (https://www.ioa-com-uk.org/?doing_wp_cron=1565911825.91477489471435...). They may have something that would help.

Alternatively, there is an IOC World Bird List site (https://www.worldbirdnames.org) with data, but I don't know whether it would satisfy your needs.

WhatBird contains 962 birds within North America. Clicking on the visual search will list out all the birds. Clicking on one of them and then looking at the Identification tab shows details. Here is the first one in the list called Abert's Towhee. It contains metrics on Body, Head, and Flight of each bird along with images and songs and calls.


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