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Everything You Need to Know About Google Brain’s TensorFlow

This article was written by Jeffry Thurana.

Anybody who has tried Google Photos would agree that this free photo storage and management service from Google is smart. It packs in various smart features like advanced search, ability to categorize your pictures by locations and dates, automatically create albums and videos based on similarities, and walk you down the memory lane by showing you photos of the same day several years ago. There are many things Google Photos can do that several years ago would be machine-ly impossible. Google Photos is one of the many “smart” services from Google that uses a machine learning technology called TensorFlow. The word learning indicates that the technology will get smarter by time to the point that our current knowledge cannot imagine. But what is TensorFlow? How can a machine learn? What can you do with it? Let’s find out.Tensor-bb-tensor-flowing

Content of the article

1. What is TensorFlow?

2. How Does TensorFlow Work?

3. Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) ASIC chip

4. The Future of TensorFlow

5. Applications of TensorFlow

  • More on Image Analysis
  • Speech Recognition
  • Dynamic Translation
  • Alpha Go
  • Magenta Project

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