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Elevate your Employee Recognition Program with HR Tech

  • Aileen Scott 



Recognition of employees has long been a cornerstone of good administration. However, as the battle for talent heats up, how businesses appreciate their employees is more crucial than ever.

Businesses gain from employee recognition in a variety of ways. Employees who believe their job is recognized and valued will have a greater sense of purpose and will be more engaged and productive.

HR departments may struggle to execute a successful employee appreciation program if they don’t have the necessary resources. Manually tracking results is time-consuming, and HR departments must mix this obligation with other responsibilities and tasks, some of which can be automated.

Fortunately, when organizations are aware of their objectives and have a well-defined company culture, the problems of integrating the correct technology can be lessened.

Importance of Employee Recognition:

Employees can understand that their organization values them and their contributions to the success of their team and the firm as a whole when they receive recognition. This is especially important as organizations expand and evolve. It helps employees feel secure in their worth to the organization, which motivates them to keep doing exceptional jobs.

For organizations, happier employees mean more harmony in the workplace, as well as higher retention rates. And, because these people are more committed and productive, your company’s income will rise.

Role of Technology in Employee Recognition: 

Recruiting, onboarding, training, and administering leaves are just a few of the responsibilities of the HR department. They may automate manual activities with the right recruitment software, giving them more time to focus on the important areas of their job. Screening software, for example, can help firms save time when it comes to calculating PTO, scheduling, and evaluating applicants’ CVs.

HR will be able to devote more time to more important responsibilities as a result of the added time. Teams can also use technology to digitize their wellness programs and reward programs. Employees will be able to gain a better understanding of their performance and determine how to achieve their objectives more rapidly as a result.

HR departments can use software to improve employee recognition activities beyond simply congratulating employees at the next team meeting. Companies can track their employees’ performance using segmented data with the correct tools.

Technology allows firms to cultivate employee-to-employee appreciation in addition to employer-to-employee acknowledgment. When someone performs well, for example, team members can offer badges and compliments. Employees are motivated to do their best for the team and your company when they receive favorable feedback.

HR Tech in Employee Recognition Program:

Gamification – Gamification is a strategy for improving systems, services, organizations, and activities in order to generate experiences similar to those found in video games in order to encourage and engage users.

HR departments have a lot of alternatives when it comes to gamifying an employee recognition program. One possibility is to construct reward levels, with employees earning experience points (XP) as they go. They earn a prize if they reach a particular point.

Quizzes and videos can also be used to make employee appreciation program more gamified.

Tracking Employee Performance – tracking Employee generate complicated data at work, and technology is required to fully comprehend employee performance. HR technology makes it easier to track how close employees are to meeting their key performance indicators (KPIs) and to see how far they’ve come in their time with the organization.

Team managers can also leave feedback using HR technology. While they can do so in real-time chats, keeping a record implies that employees and other management can access this information anytime they need it.

Automate Tasks That Waste Time – Every day, employees squander a significant amount of time on unproductive jobs. Two culprits are pointless meetings and emails.

Both of these issues are simple to resolve for HR personnel. Unnecessary meetings can be avoided with the use of communication technology such as Slack and Skype. Automating boilerplate memos and emails, as well as background checks, payrolls, and even recruiting recruits, is a fascinating possibility.

HR processes have become a lot simpler thanks to technological advancements. Teams can use automation to focus on higher-level projects that require more attention.

Teams can also use HR technologies to decide who deserves to be rewarded. Because managers and HR staff can see the output for each employee, digitizing incentives programs removes any possible partiality.

Teams that integrate technology into their employee recognition plan will, in the end, be able to acknowledge achievement more effectively€”and earn happier, more engaged employees as a result.


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