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DSC Weekly 9 January 2024


  • Generative AI signifies a pivotal shift in today’s technological landscape. It promises profound insights, streamlined operations, and assistance with data-driven decisions on an unprecedented scale. However, GenAI also brings forth ethical and regulatory considerations that require attention for modern businesses seeking to capitalize on the still-evolving technology. Register for the Enterprise Strategy Group’s upcoming GenAI Summit​ to engage with thought leaders as they navigate the intricate dilemmas, evolving regulatory landscape, and responsible AI practices that maximize the benefits of GenAI technology and mitigate inherent risks and biases.​
  • Ransomware attacks show no signs of slowing down. This year marked a record-breaking year for ransomware attacks, as they surged 74% by the first three months of 2023. Organizations require not only a solid prevention plan, but they need established recovery solutions to ensure they bounce back from attacks that can cause irreparable economic and reputational damage. The newer and more treacherous modern threat landscape forces organizations to take a second look at cyber insurance and the security it can ensure against fallout from an attack. Join the upcoming Ransomware Preparedness: Strategies for a Secure Future summit to hear leading experts discuss actionable strategies to prevent ransomware attacks, mitigate damage, and select the best cyber insurance option for your organization.

Top Stories

  • GenAI: Beware the Productivity Trap; It’s About Nanoeconomics – Part 2
    January 6, 2024
    by Bill Schmarzo
    In Part 1 of the series “GenAI: Beware the Productivity Trap,” we discussed embracing an economic mindset to avoid falling into the productivity trap. We discussed some challenges with the productivity trap and then reviewed some data economic concepts that can take your organization to the next level of game-changing performance and innovation.
  • The importance of effective API documentation and design
    January 8, 2024
    by Ovais Naseem
    APIs are the backbone of interconnected systems, enabling seamless data exchange and functionality integration across diverse applications. One of the foundational pillars of successful API implementation lies in its documentation and design. Clear, comprehensive documentation coupled with thoughtful design eases the integration process and enhances developer experience, fostering faster adoption and innovation.
  • Textual predictive coding: Do LLMs and the human mind compare?
    January 8, 2024
    by David Stephen
    There is a new letter on TIME, What Generative AI Reveals About the Human Mind, where a professor wrote, “Natural brains must learn to predict those sensory flows in a very special kind of context—the context of using the sensory information to select actions that help us survive and thrive in our worlds.


  • How data science is reshaping diverse industries
    January 8, 2024
    by Erika Balla
    How do some industries seem to have cracked the code for success? It’s not luck—it’s the power of data science that changes the game. Whether it’s technology or the finance sector, data science is transforming how well we do things by understanding the data.
  • Unleashing innovation: How AI chatbots transform your website strategy
    January 8, 2024
    by Pritesh Patel
    In our fast-changing, digitized world business strategies, and content planning are also moving into the world of numbers, minimizing the need for human work. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is developing day by day, expanding over more and more users and areas of use.
  • Real-time analytics with database streaming services: Harnessing data velocity
    January 8, 2024
    by Karen Anthony
    In the short-paced landscape of information-driven decision-making, actual-time analytics has come to be paramount for corporations seeking to benefit from insights at the rate of the enterprise. Database streaming offerings have emerged as a transformative answer, allowing the processing and analysis of facts in movement.
  • Mitigating Ethical Risks in Generative AI: Strategies for a Safe and Secure AI Application
    January 3, 2024
    by Matthew McMullen
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for many decades but now it has become a buzzword even among non-technical people because of the generative AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, Scribe, Claude, DALL·E 2, and a lot more. AI has moved beyond its sci-fi origins to reality, creating human-like content and powering self-driving cars.
  • DSC Weekly 2 January 2024
    January 2, 2024
    by Scott Thompson
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