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DSC Weekly 6 Sept 2022: Getting the Most Out of DSC

  • Kurt Cagle 
DSC Weekly 6 Sept 2022: Getting the Most Out of DSC

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Data Science Central, Home of the Data and Cognitive Science Community

Being the Community Editor for Data Science Central is a blast. Every week I get to choose articles from some of the best and brightest in the data community to feature, communicate with authors and industry experts, and get to tell a weekly story about the state of data. This week, I felt it would be a good idea to use that platform to talk a little bit about DSC, where it’s going, and what it can do for you.

This week will mark the inaugural episode of our video blogcast, The Cagle Report. I released an audio-only podcast under that name late last year, but I had hoped to eventually run it in a video format instead. TechTarget, our parent company, acquired the BrightTalk network last year, but it has taken a while to get the network fully operational for Data Science Central. This time has come, and in this first episode, titled Send In the Drones, I interview Vector Aerial President Brendon Bartholomew about the state of drones used by first responders and the military. I have other interviews and news summaries queued up for the coming weeks and months, but if you are in the data or Industry 4.0 space and want to spend half an hour discussing your world with me, please drop me a line at [email protected].

Beyond that, we are beginning a shift in coverage starting this week to focus more on areas of sustainability, resiliency, and the acronym ESG – Environment and Social Governance. This decision comes in part due to reader feedback stating specifically that they were looking for discussion about how environmental awareness plays in the technological decisions.

We have also brought on board a few new contributors, including Osama Rizvi, an expert and regular writer on energy and technology issues, and Soumen Sarkar, who has written extensively on AI and Data Process Issues for Linked In and elsewhere. These additions join other regulars like Bill Schmarzo, who writes fun and intriguing articles about data strategy, Alan Morrison, one of the most knowledgeable people I know about graph technologies and knowledge systems, and Howard Wiener, our go-to guy on the evolution of Agility in the age of data, and an author in this space.

This week we’re also changing our interface a bit by adding drop-down menus that streamline navigation to specific topics. It’s likely we’ll continue reorganizing things to make access easier to topics (and other specialized menus). We are also doing a bit of taxonomy cleanup, providing more obvious terms for things like decentralized finance, digital twins, and other areas that have become increasingly important in the last couple of years. We’ve also added a new Author’s Portal button (under Home) that will make it easier for authors to get to the editing part of the site. My intent this week is also to start a newsletter for authors and prospective authors to get a better handle on how to create useful content, understand our editorial calendar, and make DSC more accessible to content creators.

Finally, please, we want to hear more from you about what you’d like to see (and what you don’t like). If you have comments or questions, please contact me directly at [email protected] or on my Linked In or Twitter accounts. DSC is for you, the Data and Cognitive Science Community.

In media res,

Kurt Cagle
Community Editor
Data Science Central

DSC Editorial Calendar: September 2022 

Every month, I’ll update this section with many topics I’m especially looking for in the coming month. These are more likely to be featured in our spotlight area. If you are interested in tackling one or more of these topics, we have the budget for dedicated articles. Please contact Kurt Cagle for details. 

  • Generative AI (GANs, and NERFs)
  • Gaming AI
  • Sustainability and Climate AI
  • Education and AI
  • Web 5
  • Metaverse Next Steps
  • Weather Report: State of Cloud
  • Ethical AI

If you are interested in posting something else, that’s fine too, but these are areas that we believe are hot right now. 

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DSC Weekly 6 Sept 2022: Getting the Most Out of DSC