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DSC Weekly 3 January 2023 – A New Year For DSC


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DSC Weekly 3 January 2023 – A New Year For DSC

A New Year For DSC

As we enter the new year, we would like to continue the trend of highlighting quality content and contributors who go above and beyond. To ensure transparency in our standards for articles, we will be reviewing the process for new writers interested in submitting content. For the time being, please refer to this post that outlines the current process. We’ve seen an uptick in high-quality and technical articles lately and would love to see this trend continue in 2023. After our successful web migration to WordPress in 2022 this year will present new challenges, but we are confident in our community’s ability to exceed expectations.

Happy New Year,
The DSC Team

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DSC Weekly 3 January 2023 – A New Year For DSC