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DSC Weekly 25 April 2023 – Tech Layoffs and Uncertainty Raise Big Questions for Higher Education


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Tech Layoffs and Uncertainty Raise Big Questions for Higher Education

Mass layoffs continue across the tech industry, with tens of thousands of workers losing their jobs in the first quarter of 2023. The reductions occurred from small startups to the biggest names in tech — Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Core technical roles such as data scientists and software engineers made up a huge chunk of the workers let go. The mass layoffs will no doubt influence IT worker morale in the coming quarters and even influence the number of candidates applying for these positions down the road.

But what about its influence on higher education? High schoolers considering a career would definitely pause before spending potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a degree in a rapidly changing technological field. Data Science Central contributor Vincent Granville poses the question in his article this week, titled Is it Still Worth Getting a Machine Learning Degree?

Vincent raises some great questions about the state of higher education in relation to technology and notes that the economy isn’t the only factor that will influence tech hiring now and in the future. He also provides sage advice for those making career decisions. Despite the recent news headlines about seemingly constant tech layoffs, Vincent remains optimistic about the future of ML jobs, and tech jobs in general.

I won’t spoil it here, but Vincent predicts the market will eventually favor workers, despite factors such as AI and the economy creating uncertainty for them now.  We want to hear your comments as well. The article will be posted on our Data Science Central LinkedIn page in the coming days. Please visit and provide your thoughts.

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DSC Weekly 25 April 2023 – Tech Layoffs and Uncertainty Raise Big Questions for Higher Education