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DSC Weekly 23 May 2023 – TLADS and the Socratic Method: Bill Schmarzo’s Excellent Adventure


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Socrates statue in Athens in front of the National Academy

TLADS and the Socratic Method: Bill Schmarzo’s Excellent Adventure

Frequent Data Science Central contributor Bill Schmarzo has long touted the “Think Like a Data Scientist” methodology for business decisions. Bill notes that when leaders (and employees) “TLADS,” it provides a framework for value-based problem-solving and data-driven decision-making.

By incorporating business context, stakeholder alignment and the practical application of data science techniques, TLADS maximizes the value and relevance of the analysis, Bill says. This is of course beneficial in the context of data science projects, but can also be used for data-driven problem solving, decision making and KPI development.

For this week’s article, Bill takes it a step further and imagines his TLADS methodology mashed up with critical thinking methods developed by Socrates. The Socratic method encourages critical thinking by asking question that challenge assumptions and uncover inconsistencies. As Bill notes in his article, the Socratic Method helps strengthen human skills that might wane as we increasingly use AI in our everyday lives.

Bill’s article makes the case for blending the TLADS method with the Socratic method. Integrating the two methods adds a layer of critical thinking, promotes deeper analysis, and enhances the decision-making process, Bill says, and leads to more informed data-driven decisions. Insightful and thought-provoking questions will become increasingly crucial to LLM development as AI technology continues to advance. Perhaps mashing up modern TLADS ideas with ancient approaches is the way to responsible AI development.

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DSC Weekly 23 May 2023 – TLADS and the Socratic Method: Bill Schmarzo’s Excellent Adventure