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How Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Business

  • Piyush Jain 

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, which is promising businesses in reducing risk and maintaining data transparency, privacy, and security. Blockchain has several opportunities that the business can utilize to improve business processes. Data privacy is highly important and a top concern for any business therefore several of them are trying to use blockchain in their process.

Several companies and enterprises are adopting blockchain to improve the overhaul of existing business operations and data handling. Industries such as healthcare, telecom, supply chain, and IT are integrating Blockchain to streamline business processes This article will be exploring the impact of Blockchain on business.


What is Blockchain Technology and Its Mechanics

Blockchain is the 5th ranked technology in the world. Blockchain has brought many changes in financial, healthcare, banking, accounting, and other sections irrespective of size, nature, and even geographical location. Blockchain is a list of records that is growing and linked using cryptography, a security standard in database management. Each record is known as a block and it is connected with the previous block. Transaction data is time-stamped and secure between two parties since it creates resistance to the modification of data. Blockchain is secure because it is managed by a peer-to-peer network and blockchain records are not unalterable. 

Blockchain will improve the industry standards and the structure of global business using digital currencies. According to global experts, the lack of international standards is a big obstruction to the worldwide adoption of Blockchain technologies. Industries are reinforcing these necessary standards and transforming small, mid, and large-size businesses. We have researched and evaluated the following sectors and are significantly implementing this new technology to improve and optimize their operations.

Blockchain is Reinventing Financial Sectors

Blockchain has made major changes in the financial industry. Financial companies can make faster transactions since it has changed the way of banking services. It provides a way for unknown and untrusted members to satisfy the state of the transaction database without using any middleman. Transactions are now more speedy and secure for consumers and businesses. Major payment networks, stock exchanges, and money transfer services are using Blockchain in reducing transaction fees and making faster and more secure payment transactions.

Accounting Sectors

Accounting is a challenging task for any business. Several accounting firms are using blockchain to manage complex tax codes, invoices, bills, and income tax files which are in paramount need of accuracy and precision. Accounting professionals use new tools to audit and validate transactions and save time. Rubix is one of the best Blockchain software for accounting.

Human Resource Sectors

Blockchain could be used in HR and Resource management fields. Hiring professionals can use Blockchain to quickly verify credentials provided by candidates and employees. It can also help in processing inaccurate data and prevent third-party companies. MNCs and large organizations where thousands of employees are working across the country need a payroll system. Blockchain-based systems and tools can simplify payroll and payment transactions in different currencies. WorkChain and Aworker are great automated payroll systems based on Blockchain which offers employees to receive their pay when they complete the work assigned. These platforms are multichain-validated data processing platforms that work in peer-to-peer networks.

Asset Management, Shipping, and Tracking

Asset management is a critical task for any logistics company. What is the status of the material when it is in inventory when it arrived and where would it move? The asset data needs to be accurate and must not be alterable. Giant shipping companies are working on Blockchain systems to track the shipping containers that are roaming in the world. Currently, Blockchain systems are developed by IBM and Digital Asset which would host a chain of data than the traditional asset management tools. 

Companies that store, manage and ship valuable assets are enabling the Blockchain security standards and records. With the increased business volume, traditional software is not enough to handle records when there are multiple edits and updates. Blockchain will transform this industry.

Top Management & Operations

Top management and operations are the most crucial departments of any organization. Blockchain is helping in streamlining internal operations and reducing friction in sharing business-critical information. Blockchain is allowing management employees to prepare a private and shared ledger with historical versions to maintain the authenticity and transparency of information.

This way businesses are implementing a level of trust to achieve the goals and targets. Blockchain is a secure and safe environment for management and operations to share confidential information with other departments in the company and different offices in other countries.

Digital Contracting

Blockchain is building the next generation of contract management. Digital contracts are the bridge between two organizations. Blockchain is providing a new infra to do streamlined business. Start contacts are shared blockchain databases. For example, Accenture has developed a unified solution for businesses to sign blockchain-enabled smart contracts. The contract is secure and can be revised, changed and captures all changes in a ledger. For each change, it generates a notification and is shared with transparency. Blockchain enables all participating parties to have a shared ledger of all activities in the contract. Final contact can be stored in one place and have all recorded versions and activities to maintain transparency.

Contracts are highly usable when two business parties come to meet common conditions and rules to be followed. Smart contracting solutions based on Blockchain technology are improving how businesses process contracts. Contracts need terms, additional supporting documents, proofs, number of revisions and shared between parties. Blockchain enables technology enabling several advantages to businesses and organizations in signing complex contracts.

Final Words

Blockchain technology has several potentials that can transform the foundation and structure of global industries. International industries will significantly adopt this new technology and this revolution will change the scenario in data handling, security, and records management. Businesses must follow innovation. Blockchain and digital currencies will make business processes faster, more secure, and more efficient to build a strong economy.

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Piyush Jain is the founder and CEO of Simpalm, a mobile app development company in the USA. Piyush founded Simpalm in 2009 and has grown it to be a leading mobile and web development company in the DMV area. With a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins and a strong background in technology and entrepreneurship, he understands how to solve problems using technology. Under his leadership, Simpalm has delivered 350+ mobile apps and web solutions to clients in startups, enterprises, and the federal sector.