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DSC Webinar Series: People Analytics: Airbnb Experimenting on Recruiting Efficiency

  • Sean Welch 

At Airbnb, People Analytics uses data science to analyze how to best recruit, retain, and develop the global Airbnb team.  In this webinar, Belinda Bennett of Airbnb will discuss how the team scales their insights through data literacy and training, including the use of Tableau’s powerful tool which quantifies the impact of the company’s interview process on their hired workforce.  The democratization of data has lead to individual empowerment and increased career potential.

In this Data Science Central webinar, you will learn more about the Airbnb data infrastructure design, which leverages the Applicant Tracking System’s API and reports from HRIS, as well as how the team uses the Tableau R integration to analyze interview data with advanced statistics.

Speaker: Belinda Bennett, Data Scientist, People Analytics — Airbnb 

Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director — Data Science Central