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DSC Webinar Series: On Demand Data Fusion for Single or Cross Domain Visualizations

  • Sean Welch 

Many companies have solved the challenge of how to capture, store and manage data. The new challenge is keeping up with the rapidly growing data volume, then sifting through zettabytes of data to uncover insights and find business value. Even data-savvy employees find they can’t easily access data and analytical insight when they need it most. The cost of integrating a new data source with a new data model is often so prohibitive, meaning your platform can never move at the speed of your available data.

Overcoming this challenge requires a solution with the ability to integrate data from all sources—internal, external, commercial, individual, emerging and proprietary data sources—into a single environment for advanced analytics, whether they were planned from the start or weren’t added until after the platform had already been launched.

In this webinar we’ll talk about efficient methods of data integration and visualization and you will learn:

New ways to connect, analyze and visualize data to deliver enhanced business value
Deliver the analytic insights in a visual, easy-to-digest format to tell a story, identify gaps and present actionable information in real time
How real-time data integration can occur in a flexible data model platform with no need for outside engineering help
Why leaving the data where it is opens the door for on-demand data fusion; the only kind that moves at the speed of your data! Join us at this Data Science Central webinar on March 22nd to learn more!

Speaker: Nick Oben, Director of Innovation– Semantic Research

Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director — Data Science Central