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DSC Webinar Series: 4 Steps to improve your Search Technology and Boost Sales, BI and User Experience

  • Sean Welch 

Visitors who search within e-commerce sites are two to three times more likely to convert compared to those who don’t. Improving search relevancy and user experience can significantly boost your bottom line. Frequently, users will search for a product, don’t find it, and leave because of poor search technology/algorithms. This webinar addresses these issues.

In this latest Data Science Central Webinar event, you will learn from CrowdFlower and its customers –Adobe and Etsy– four techniques to improve your search relevance practices, business outcomes and user experience.

Measurement: To update your site’s internal search functionality, it’s vital that you know exactly what metrics your company should optimize. Learn how you should sample queries for measurement.
Incorporating Human-Labeled Data: Labeled Data-Metrics such as click data are valuable, but on their own they don’t tell the complete story. Human-curated training data can contribute valuable additional information. CrowdFlower, Adobe and Etsy will share how they use a human-in-the-loop approach to grade results, whether it involves images, descriptions, or an entire page of results.
Improve your search filtering UI: CrowdFlower, Adobe and Etsy will share how they examined their individual result pages to help build out additional categories and tags to improve customer search experiences.
Ranking features: A key use of human-curated training data is ranking features. Adobe will discuss how they use a human-in-the-loop approach to verify their deep learning image tagger based upon contributor photographers.
Learn how these leading companies design their site search interfaces, surface their results, and constantly refine them to enhance your own site’s search relevance to improve customer experience.

Lukas Biewald, CEO and Co-Founder — CrowdFlower
Jaime DeLanghe, Product Manager — Etsy
Andy Edmonds, Search Science Architect — Adobe

Hosted by:
Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director — Data Science Central