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DSC Podcast Series: Deployment at Scale

  • Sean Welch 

Welcome to Data Science Central’s three-part Podcast Series sponsored by SAS, entitled, “Addressing Key Challenges to Applying AI in Practice.” In this second segment, we will be discussing Deployment at Scale. Too many modern analytics solutions are created only to live short lives in isolation on a single analyst’s desktop. Models are often not developed at scale and thus are not ready to be deployed at scale. Models are often developed on software that is not properly governed and able to support enterprise production use. The costs of moving models from development to production, can be high and the time horizon long. Part 2 of this podcast will focus on how to deploy, support, and scale an IT-enabled, people-driven modern analytics solution by integrating analytical methods into the fabric of your business.

Speaker: Alex Ge, Systems Engineer – SAS

Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director – Data Science Central