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Does Your Business Require AI For Dedicated Internet Access?

5G network digital hologram and internet of things on city backg
5G network digital hologram and internet of things on city background.5G network wireless systems.

Internet connectivity has few available options. So, the choice comes down to a dedicated internet connection or broadband. The choice depends on security, cost, and performance. 

The speed and quality of broadband depend on the traffic that goes through the network at a given time. So, dedicated internet is the solution for businesses that need speedy internet.

Dedicated internet access is symmetrical internet connectivity backed with a service level agreement. But why is a service level agreement (SLA) important? 

Businesses with dedicated internet access don’t share their bandwidth with other users. As a result, each business gets a fixed or burstable bandwidth that can upgrade with increased business needs.

How Does AI Transform Dedicated Internets?

The invasion of new data to enterprise access networks has increased the tasks of IT experts. AI comes in handy to reduce the burden on network managers. With AI, a dedicated internet decides on various aspects without human intervention. 

So, managers don’t have a lot of hands-on tasks to do after they set up the dedicated internet and allow access.

AI designs dedicated internets that work faster than standard dedicated internets. Various AI approaches design excellent, dedicated internet access for businesses. Below are four common design approaches.

Use of Intelligent Firewalls

The main role of firewalls is to block unauthorized access to dedicated internets. A static firewall can’t detect new malware in a system without human intervention. AI-based firewalls provide a higher security level in the following ways:

  • AI-based firewalls offer information about unusual data packet structures
  • The rich forensic analysis that AI offers details about intrusions and intruders
  • Intelligent firewalls use behavioral analytics to detect changes that deviate dedicated internets from normal behavior
  • Intelligent firewalls use statistical clusters to detect malware on different networks

Use of AI-designed Dedicated Internets

AI-designed network topologies and software revolutionizes dedicated internet networks to protect business data. AI routes traffic between private networks and dedicated internet networks without human intervention. 

The result is faster and more secure access to data. For example, in healthcare, AI allows the analysis of many documents quickly.

AI for Phishing Detection

Close to 91% of cyber-attacks kick off with phishing. But, AI engines on AI-based networks detect such attacks in real life:

  1. AI engines learn about communication patterns.
  2. The patterns detect anomalous communication behaviors that cause phishing.
  3. The engine notifies internet technicians and the recipient of the attacks.

Internet Protection and Maintenance

Many dedicated internet connections are at risk of distributed denial of service (DDOS). AI provides a better algorithm than the algorithms of many dedicated internet sites. 

With AI, businesses better predict online traffic with real-time network analysis. As a result, the risk of DDOS attacks and other cyber-attacks becomes lower.

What Are the Benefits of AI-based Dedicated Internet Access for Businesses?

The benefits of AI-based dedicated internet connection cannot be overstated. Employees, customers, and partners all benefit from excellent internet. 

Technology evolves fast, and businesses have no option but to transform. The better part is that the transformation comes with many benefits. Below are four of the said benefits.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Internet service providers offer better service level agreements to dedicated internet access circuits. So, whichever internet circuit a business purchases, the same speed is guaranteed for uploads and downloads. 

Besides, if there is an outage, the service level agreement offers a shorter mean time to repair.

Better Throughput

The bandwidth that a business buys is not the circuit’s actual throughput. So, when the traffic hits the network, the internet can only be as fast or slow as the network allows. 

Yet, when businesses have AI-based dedicated internet access, they get a high-capacity network. The end is a guaranteed traffic-free network that does not slow down processes.

High Productivity

High-speed internet increases the speed at which businesses perform processes. For example, documents download and upload faster, and decision-makers get information in good time. 

Because slow processes derail operations, companies should focus on high speeds. No time is lost in latencies or slower processes with AI-based dedicated internet.

Dedicated Customer Service

AI-based dedicated internet connection is reliable with all-day customer support. The customer service monitors and solves technical issues before they start. The service level agreements outline technical support availability and average repair time. 

Besides, internet service providers compensate businesses whose expectations are not met with discounts.

Reduced Costs 

Even though AI-based dedicated internet connection is more expensive, high-quality internet reduces costs. For instance, high-speed internet allows the use of cloud-based software, which is cheaper than on-premise services. 

The increased productivity from high-speed internet raises profits to compensate.

How do Businesses Test Whether AI-Based Dedicated Internet is Justified?

Before a business invests in anything, the returns are weighed over the cost. The first consideration is the variability of bandwidth needs. Businesses with massive spikes in traffic pay a lot of money for unused bandwidth. 

On the flip side, AI-based dedicated internet connection offers scalable, on-demand bandwidth models.

Secondly comes the importance of service level agreement agreements to any given business. Service level agreements for dedicated internet connections always have unique extra features. The best option is AI-based interconnectivity for a business with specific service levels that shared models can’t provide.

Third, some businesses need WANs that support all their services and apps on one platform. For such businesses, high-speed connectivity is a viable solution. 

AI-based dedicated internet connection also supports large pools of users on multiple devices. So, the WAN does not experience technical hitches from a high number of users.

Finally, the benefits that a business accrues, in the long run, should outweigh the installation costs. The benefits range from financial to non-financial factors. Yet, some non-financial benefits like high-speed result in financial benefits in the long run. Such include high productivity that generates higher profits.


Dedicated internet access offers better performance than broadband. Nonetheless, businesses can incorporate AI to stay higher and improve connection quality. Also, AI prevents, predicts, and solves problems that hinder dedicated internet access. So, AI is the way for businesses that want to invest in dedicated internet connections.